Wiccans, Pagans, Mystical People: Do you work with Astrology?





Does it work for you?
Does Mercury in Retrograde really effect your emotional wellness?
I’m a little skeptical, I must admit, but I’d like to know why it works for you.


  1. I rarely use it because I’m not that into the highly ritualized magic. I’m more of what used to be called a “hedge witch”. Phases of the moon are important but not so much astrology.

  2. i don’t know enough about astrology to work with it, and don’t intend to study it any time soon, but many of my friends rely on it heavily. my theory is that since all things are connected, the positions of the stars and planets can reveal influences on your life from the rest of the universe. astrology is basically spiritual gravity. the last mercury retrograde was strongly felt by my friends, so when they say there’s going to be an influence, i tend to heed them.

  3. Normally, astrology is not used in our magical workings, but should there be a need to use it in a particular working, we would.
    Not sure how we would use it, though, since it is more for divination rather than spell work.

  4. I have to admit that I have not used much astrology lately, my ephemeris is for the last century (it expired 8 years ago…) I suppose if I updated it I might be inclined to take a peak every now & again.
    Mercury has more to do with communication, than emotion so it does not have much to do with my emotional wellness. But it may have a subliminal effect on my ability to get a point across. I suppose that could, in a round about sort of way effect the emotions of others. Perhaps when we have trouble communicating it can have a negative effect the health of human relationships, thereby causing emotional upheaval. But usally if my words are taken the wrong way by the ones I love, a sincere apology can usually set things right.
    I think the relation to the planets and other celestial bodies has an effect on our physical & spiritual bodies, in a similar way that the moon has an effect on the oceans.

  5. Not too heavily for my sorcery. I know people who do depend on it though. The extent of my use is for timing with planetary hours, and for the new or full moon. The forces that I am up against are so powerful that I don’t know how effective it really is, but it does seem to help.

  6. I think we need to define the difference here ~
    an interest in Astrology does not necessarily make you Wiccan, Pagan, or a “Mystical Person”…
    nor does being Wiccan, Pagan, or Mystical necessarily mean that you work with Astrology.
    Paganism is a religious path… of which Wicca is one of the many different branches of Paganism. Astrology is a science which can be studied and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of religious preference.
    Yes, it is true that many who call themselves Wiccans, Pagans, or Mystical people do have a strong interest in Astrology – there are many who are drawn to such paths not because of their religious or spiritual content, but by their scientific and technological allure. They are more interested in the science of making things happen their way, rather than in understanding the spiritual meaning behind such actions.
    Sometimes the study of such sciences does lead to spiritual enlightenment. Because many Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, etc. do come into their spiritual path from other, more mainstream religions, oftentimes it does become easier to deal with the scientific and technical aspects first, and then slowly and gradually develop that reconstruction of the spiritual aspect of the individual.
    Science teaches us that the human mind, when programmed properly, can accomplish some pretty amazing feats. Paganism (particularly Witchcraft) teaches us the same concepts, and it is ideology that draws us to it. Thus Witchcraft can be viewed as both a set of scientific principles and a religious structure.
    Yes… there is a certain amount of science involved in the practice of Wicca or other branches of Paganism, and Astrology happens to be one of those sciences. Astrology is often defined as the study of the influences of the cosmos on life on earth… and religion itself is generally considered to be a way of explaining and understanding life, evolution, and the world around us. So many Wiccans and Pagans do use Astrology as part of their attempt to understand that life, that evolution, and that world.
    Astrology can be used in various ways in our beliefs and/or practices – many Wiccans and Pagans practice rites in accordance to moon phases (waxing, full, waning) or by which Astrological house the moon is in at any given time.
    The core beliefs of Astrology were prevalent in most of the ancient world, and since many who practice a branch of Paganism are attempting to reconstruct (in a modern way) some of those ancient beliefs, it would make sense that Astrology would be incorporated into such, as stated in the phrase “as above, so below” – the Hermetic maxim.
    Does it work? I suppose that all depends on your own views of it. Research does suggest that there is indeed a correlation between the movements and activities of the celestial bodies and actual events which take place in our world, and in our lives. Things have occurred which do go beyond mere coincidence.
    I have found personally that Mercury in retrograde does have an impact on me, but I’m not sure it is so much specifically on emotional wellness as it is the fact that Mercury being the planet of communications does like to play tricks on my level of interpersonal communications with others. But Mercury in retrograde isn’t necessarily a bad thing – you just have to be aware of it and the pros and cons of each retrograde cycle and use them to your advantage.

  7. I have never been that interested in Astrology, as a form of divination or it’s effects on our mental state.
    So I haven’t really formed an opinion about if it works or not.
    The closest I get is I am a firm believer in “Full Moon Madness”
    After 15 years working in a Nursing home and 3 years driving a cab, I really had a chance to see it’s effects first hand!

  8. Yes I do work with it and believe in it.I have for many years. What you find in news papers is just a small part of it,and very general.You need a natal chart done.And you will need the exact time ,place of your birth and you can find those on your birth certificate. There are many fine places on the web to look into for better understanding of Astrology.The more you learn the more you will understand it and how it can effect you personally.

  9. No I do not. Western astrology (I’m not familiar with astroly in other cultures) is based on the Christian Ptolemaic (earth centered) universe in which the angelic sphere influences the celestial sphere which influences the physical world. Since I don’t believe in that universal model for a number of reasons, I find astrology to be baseless. Many astrologers claim that even though the universe isn’t literally earth centered the system can still work on a metaphysical plane, but in that case why continue looking at physical planets?

  10. I am not wiccan, pagan or mystical.
    I do not know as much about astrology as I would like to but there are some places I get my horoscope from that are amazingly accurate… others are more vague but they are rarely wrong.
    For example, the past few weeks have been really crappy for me. I have been in a bad mood and almost all of my hope has been drained. I woke up one morning and for no reason my hope was restored and things didn’t look as bad. I had not read my horroscope in a few months at that point but my cousin emailed me with her horrosciope and commented about how what it said was fitting her life. It had something to do with starting out fresh and new beginings. We are the same sign.
    I am not sure if there is something to it or I just want it to be that way so I change it in my mind to be that way.

  11. Astrology is a great deal deeper than on the surface. It is an art that must be detailed. For example, one can’t look at their sun sign and get a horoscope. One must take the rising sign, moon and sun sign and work with their personal chart to get an accurate reading. If a person does not have mercury in the house of communications, mercury in retrograde is not going to harm affect them. Something not there can’t be affected.

  12. I personally do not know how to work astrology but I do believe that there is something to it, and that people react differently when we are in different phases of the moon and most of the people I know resemble how their astrological sign describes them.

  13. All magic, horoscopes, astrology, etc, are not real. It’s all about self-confidence. If you read something in your horoscope saying you’re going to find love, you’re going to be more open to guys hitting on you, people asking you for dates, and more than likely you’ll be confident enough to flirt back a little, increasing your chances of actually finding love. If you do a love spell, the magic doesn’t work. It gives you the confidence to get out there and try your luck.

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