Wiccan's only please..?

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Did you make your own Book Of Shadows or did you purchase one?

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While some people may call the books that they sell “the book of Shadows,” it’s not something you CAN purchase, unless you’re talking about a blank book.
Of course I did not purchase one…why would I? It would not have been about my experiences and rituals I’d attended and created, would it?

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

A Book of Shadows is a record of YOUR practices (and that of your coven, if you have one). As such, books that market themselves with the title of “book of shadows” are, at best, the Book of shadows of the author. Just because you bought it doesn’t suddenly make the material yours.
My BoSs have always been informal things, generally scribbled into spiralbound notebooks. Now I keep some of my notes on the computer.


I actually have four Book Of Shadows-type… things, and I’ve only technically made one of them.
The first is a simple sketchbook that I use to format rituals, keep notes in, write poetry… anything. It is useful because it is easy to scratch things out, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be organized. I kind of see it as a place for rough drafts.
The second is my actual Book of Shadows. It is a blank BoS that I bought. I use it to have in the circle as a reference point for rituals, and it contains everything I wrote in my sketchbook. However, everything in this book is finalized. It is black with a golden Triple Goddess symbol on the front and spine, and it is very dear to my heart.
The third one is a word document on my computer that exactly matches my hard-copy BoS. I have it because A) I’m a neat freak and I like to have a clean, polished copy of everything B) I like to have a backup and C) I like to add pictures to my records, and this is easiest to do within an online document. For example, I might add a picture of lavender to a spell that encourages peaceful dreams. This is the only reference that I have created myself, and I love it.
The fourth and final is a dream and divination diary. I use it to record my dreams early in the morning, and to record divination readings such as Tarot spreads or insights during meditation.
This system has worked really well for me, but do what feels best to you. I’m just giving you ideas.
Blessed be!


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