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wiccans, if 2 witches were to cleans negative energy in an old house,is it better during a full moon or new?

thanks shadow & howie


  1. I’d choose the full moon. If it was just a cleansing then yes a full moon would be great.
    Either way, any competent witch would get the job done. It’s not like cleansing is such a hard task so you have nothing to worry about. 🙂

  2. You get rid of negativity during a waning moon. The ritual will work at any time, but will require a lot more energy if done any other time. Blessed Be!

  3. Some say a cleansing can be done anytime – the sooner the better.
    If you still feel it’s needed, you can follow that up with a waning moon cleansing (the waning moon is traditionally used to work magic that removes unwanted things, and the dark of moon for banishings and bindings). It’s also nice to add a waxing moon ritual of welcoming positive and protective energy into the home too

  4. Like Shadow said… I’d be performing a cleansing ritual at the Full Moon (when she’s at her strongest). I’d then be conducting a ritual – after the New Moon (ie as she begins to increase in energy) – to bring in more positive Chi; which would increase as the Moon continues to grow. But that’s only necessary if you’ve got some serious negativity to cleanse.
    I’d also suggest you conduct regular smudging (after the cleansing) if you find it’s creeping back again.
    I have an acquaintance (nicknamed Little Storm Cloud). He always looks like his got his own private little thundercloud over his head. Anywho, Robbie seems to drag negativity with him wherever he goes. Always find myself smudging after he’s been around.

  5. anytime a cleaning is done it is good. Full moon for the most power. But then if you have a Shaman he/she does not have to wait for a certain time to do one. But an individual, I would suggest full moon to do it.

  6. The waxing moon up to the full moon is when the moon is in its positive energy cycle. The positive energy is at the highest at the full moon and then balances out the cycle with the waining moon to the new moon when the moon is and the highest in negative energy. I always do my healing and Cleansing at the Height of the Full moon. If the old House is in dire need of cleansing any time ok but as its been said in other postings it will take more energy. Sandalwood is a very good incenses to use for a cleansing it will help boost the positive energy. Hope this helps


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