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Wiccans, I need help with a wand…?

I’ve found a wand yesterday, I wanted to put a crystal on the end of it but i did not know how I would get it to stay, if you keep a wand would you please tell me how and if you keep a crystal to stay on the tip.
Thanks! oh, I am wiccan too, just in case you were wondering.


  1. lol – i am not a very “crafty” witch, and purchase my wands from other pagan vendors. sorry i can’t help.
    blessed be : )

  2. Wrap the crystal with twine or wire and wrap it onto the end of the wand. (Make sure you wrap it very tightly) Some may say that the wire will interrupt the natural energies, use whichever you prefer. Glue would also work (super-strong stuff). Personally, I wouldn’t put a crystal on the tip, but that’s just my preference. Good luck! ~Blessed Be~

  3. I had a similar problem,with a stone and a necklace, it’s a really ghetto way but get a lot of paper clips and create a cuccoon for the crystal.
    And if you have a hot glue gun that can cement it onto the wand.
    Blessed Be And good luck, you might want to cleanse it form any past karmatic energies.
    Jade brought up a good point with the metel,
    Silver taps into the goddess, and Gold into the GOD.

  4. Have you tried digging out a grove to fit the crystal then adding some bond to make it stick? (Not sea bond either)

  5. there are 2 methods that i know of.
    1, drill a hole the size of the crystal into the end of the wand.
    and use a strong glue to hold it into place. I use silicone aquarium sealer. it is very strong and will dry into a rubber type substance that will allow some flexibility.
    also i drill the hole a little deeper than the crystal that i wish to use and place some herbs or soil from a place that i can connect with, into the hole. it makes the wand more personell.
    after which i wrap the crystal and wand with leather to hide the joint and to give me something to add other items (such as feathers) to.
    the second would be to skip the hole and just to wrap the crystal and the wand with heavy cord or wire very tightly.
    when doing this i prefer to use a semi heavy leather piece to act as a brdge between the crystal and the wand. i cut the leather so that it will wrap around the wand and meet up nice and even on the other side. allowing it to hang over the edge of the wand by about 1 inch. then push the crystal into the hole made by the wrapped leather. then wrap tightly with a strong cord. artificial seniew works very well for this part. then either decorate of cover the cord in some manner.
    wish you well.

  6. Fantastic question Gary. And I see you already got a lot of great answers.
    I personally would go for the first answerer, but everyone is right. In my case, I bought my wand from a pagan shop.


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