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Now, I recently broke up with my boyfriend, and it’s completely shaken the stability of his mind. I fear he may hurt himself or, all gods forbid, others. He’s threatening our mutual friends, and some that never had any connection to him. I want to do a binding and send him lots of healing energy. I want to help him move on so that he can find peace. The problem is, bindings are tricky business, and it’s my first spell. I want to be careful and do this ethically, but I feel that something needs to be done. I’d prefer Wiccans to answer because they understand Wiccan ethics better than non-Wiccans, but other open-minded individuals are welcome to answer as well.

Answer by lesbi-friends
i dont think binding anyone will bring them true peace. especially if you dont get that persons permission first to practice magic involving them.


  • You say it is your first spell, well it wouldn’t work anyway.
    If you have a picture off him put it on your altar together with a white candle (peace) and a blue candle (healing). Light the candles and send him peace and healing. Visualize how he was before you broke up.
    And i agree to smudge your house first with sage to get ride of all that negativity.

    Before you try such hard spells try easy ones first!
    If you need help mail me!

    Blessed be!

    Orpheus highpriest 3° and elder of TirNaNog

  • i dont think a binding is necessary..just cast something for peace or peace of mind..i knw this might not be the best suggestion but..maybe make him fall in love with someone else not through magic of course. if your not that experienced yet with spells…you could always go more practical and secure yourself with the law or to someone about it and tell them he needs help..seems like a simpler solution than getting tangled in trying to get a binding good.

  • Bindings are tricky and since it’s your first spell, I wouldn’t recommend it. I never bind people since that is affecting free will and you’re likely to suffer a little negative karma from that but you can bind energy. If I feel like I have to, I bind the negative energy to that person and then do a banishing. You can always send out positive and healing energy to him as well. I would also burn some sage to rid your home of all the negative energy as well. Get it all out of there! Good luck to you.

    Blessed Be.

  • I understand your concern for your former boyfriend,
    and that you’d like him to not do harm to himself, you, or
    your friends.
    With their permission, I would help my friends and
    myself with protective spells. Surround yourselves times
    nine with the ability to ward off any harm. But only
    if and when you have others’ permission, explicitly.
    Binding spell towards your ex could come back to
    you, as you would be getting close and tangled with
    his energies. I do not believe in doing this to other
    people either; I don’t think it would be ethical.
    Send him on his way, in peace, and let him go.
    May all be in peace here. Blessed Be.

  • Please do not do a binding. Your suppose to have permission from the person that your wanting to do magick for but for this case the out come would be bad either way if you did or didn’t ask. Use your creative mind for this problem in your path. Listen to what is being said to you. We all are always being guided its just a matter of do you really want to listen and are you listening. Take some time out for you to do so. may harm come to none )0(

  • Please do not do a binding. There could be much more harm than good. You did not state he was also a Wiccan so I’m flying without a few needful instruments.

    Ask him each day to write you for thirty days with one of his specific reasons that you must be with him each day. When he gives you or sends you each reason, read it and with only your heart send him, with all your inner power, the reason he is wrong.

    Do not enter a dialogue, if possible.

    This is a very gentle spell, but even if it is rejected on the first day, he will have his sharp edge dulled because he will know he is not rejected out of hand, but serious attention to his feelings.

    Librarian and Elder of The Lore

  • The trick with bindings is that you have to be certain that your power is stronger than their will. That is why they are so tricky. You might be better off with a protection spell on him and the others he has threatened. Positive energy is easier to manage than the negative energy that a binding requires. Psychologically speaking, our minds pick up the positive before the negative. For instance — don’t think about donuts! (Now what are you thinking about?) You want to do something that redirects like send him a blessing so that he finds peace rather than try to stop him from experiencing chaos.

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