Wiccans: How many of you own an Amber and Jet necklace or bracelet?

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I was just curious. You usually get one when initiated into a Coven. Although some non-Wiccan Covens practice it. The Amber brings you energy and the Jet grounds you.
Frau Hunter: The tradition stems from Gerald Gardner and Traditional Witchcraft. It was a custom. It makes sense that Heathen Norse Pagans follow the custom because Traditional Witchcraft has Anglo-Saxon roots and Old Britain followed those same folk beliefs and folk lores.
prariecrow: I agree that lineages and covens vary according to having the necklace. But no…the stones never change…unless it’s for something else or unless the coven is not Traditional. And in the Traditionalists eyes….said Coven would not be practicing legitimate Witchcraft in the sense of Initiation, Elevation, Dedication, and ritual and magickal supplies.

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Covens and lineages vary in terms of the material of the necklaces and what they represent.

Frau Hunter RT JPA

answer: I haven’t seen that tradition in any of the groups I’ve known or researched. What tradition does that? It’s a lovely custom, I agree.
answer: I’m not Wiccan but have amber necklaces. Ask an Asatru/Heathen/Odinist/Vor Tru/Theodist how MANY amber necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings they have and compare. In Heathenism, at campouts, anyone who has more amber than you is known as an “Amber Sl*t” in a joking way. You’ll find some Heathens dripping with amber at Heathen/pagan gatherings.
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Added: I didn’t mean to imply there is a custom in Heathenism to give an amber/jet necklace or such upon “initiation” – there isn’t. Giftings are common when someone joins a Kindred, usually a drinking horn, blessing bowl, Thors Hammer or sax knife. The love of amber among Heathens is a Northern thing – amber is known by the kenning as “Freya’s tears” and its found throughout the Baltics – quite a bit washing up on the shores of the Baltic sea from trees that fell centuries ago and were covered by the sea – the fossilized resin now coming to shore.


Well, I’m a Christian and I have one which a Wiccan friend gave me.
Amber is BY FAR my favorite gem. (*Gorgeous* color!)


Most of the Wiccan covens I know don’t follow that tradition, I know a coven of nonwiccans that does, but only allows their 3rd degree’s to wear it. I’m not sure where the tradition comes from, but here is an interesting article on it. http://www.ladybridget.com/w/amberjet.html
I don’t have one.


I have an amber necklace and earring set my parents got me for my birthday. The tradition I’m in the amber & jet jewelry is for 3rd degree. I’m sure it doesn’t apply to all traditions though.


I wear an amber and jet necklace as an eclectic solitary Wiccan. I find the combination effective on a variety of levels. A Traditionalist once tried telling me I was claiming something I was not by wearing it. I can only guess he’s unaware of how much amber and jet jewelry the Victorians put out. I certainly don’t expect anyone to make presumptions about me because of my public jewelry.


The Trad Wiccan who said that was out of line. The rule about amber and jet necklaces being reserved for a HPS only apples if that’s specified in your particular tradition.. A Solitary can wear what the darn well please since they aren’t Traddies. Next time she tries to dictate what you can or can’t do in your solitary practice politely suggest she blow it out her broomstick.


We make them for Elders, and have made an interesting Wand with those materials, along with a lightning-blasted branch.

Lucille Gitto

Thx for information.


I run a coven, traditionally a high priestess can wear an amber and jet necklace. You become a high priestess at 2nd degree.
We always give one as a gift to our priestesses when they attain that degree.


I run a coven, traditionally a high priestess can wear an amber and jet necklace. You become a high priestess at 2nd degree.
We always give one as a gift to our priestesses when they attain that degree.
I wore one when I practised on my own before I was initiated and that’s fine as far as we’re concerned but if you’re in a coven it’s courtesy to follow coven rules and traditions.


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