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Wiccan's, how do you ground (recharge)?

I often cast spontaneous spells, and when I do, I draw on my own reserves rather than incorporating the energies of the powers that be. I’ve tried different grounding techniques to recharge, but I’ve been rather unsuccessful. Any advice?


  1. I’m a new Pagan, but even before I chose my path, I’d stand barefoot in as quiet of a natural setting as possible. The energy I receive from a direct connection to Mother Earth fills me up, and calms my soul.

  2. I know people who simply crash for a day or two, just depends on the level they have taken themselves to…
    I agree with feeling the moon charge you up, but the full moon is only monthly, and 3 days either side is OK too…
    I don’t do much spellwork anymore, but when I did, I would always do something in my garden afterwards to re-earth (ground) myself…
    Blessed Be… )O(


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