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Wiccans, how did you discover your spirit guide?

I’m a Celtic Wiccan and I pray to my Celtic Gods and Goddesses.
I was just wondering how you found your spirit guide or animal though?

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  1. I’m Wiccan, the gods are my guides, not “spirits.”
    Now, if I were some traditional indigenous shaman I might have such a thing.

  2. I’m druid rather than wiccan, but it’s pretty much the same process. Studied them all at length (search “animal totem”, “power animal” and “spirit guide” for lists); then meditated on which seemed to best fit my personality. Of course, one can have more than one guide, as life progresses.

  3. I don’t have a spirit guide.
    I have Jesus.
    He the only guide I need.
    Go in peace.
    Jesus loves you!!
    Uncle Floyd
    P.S.: I’m also NOT a Wiccan.

    • Cadillacman… have you ever seen a Wiccan preaching on a Christian Website? Im thinking you probably haven’t as its not in our nature of beliefs to preach to others. We are taught to accept all others.
      I completely except that you have faith in Jesus and I have no qualms with that whatsoever but I find it highly offensive that you should feel the need to push your religion on people who have already discovered the correct path for themselves.
      Just as Jesus loves us, I’m sure the God and Goddess love you equally

    • Hey, if you’re not a wiccan, then please refrain from answering questions of Wiccan topics with a Christian answer. We dont press our religion on you, please do the same for us.

    • Don’t ya think its kinda rude to be preaching your religion when no one asked you to. Just because YOU believe jesus is the answer doesn’t mean that others think the same way.
      P.S.: I also AM a Wiccan

    • Dude, this IS NOT FOR CHRISTIANS!!!! This site is for WICCANS!!!! GET THE F**K OFF!!! Phoenix u do realize that there are MANY branches of wiccanism, like the one I follow, albeit it is a pretty much lost branch, but it is still a branch, from the information i got from my family spellbook this branch of wiccanism is to protect and keep safe the mortals of earth from the corruption of the BAD demons, meaning that there are demons that were not created when “Satan” was banished to hell, meaning that some demons were already on earth, like the ones that give me my powers, Sea Fire Demons (there is no info on them reason being they have not ever been thought of by mortals) and for that branch, having an animal spirit guide is needed at times and at others HIGHLY recommended.

  4. I looked it up and I hope this helps…
    Also, a friend of mine is Wicca and said she concocted a sleeping potion and allowed her to see her animal guide.

  5. among my friends, most people met theirs thru guided meditation. some are able to communicate with them more directly, tho. i guess it depends on how receptive you are to the spirit realm. me, not so much. even meditation doesn’t reveal much for me.

  6. Spirit guides and animals are NOT a part of Wicca.
    They have been co-opted from First Nation peoples, and are a good part of the reason that so many of them have bitterness and hatred towards New Agers and Wiccans.
    It is NOT part of being ethical and eclectic to steal parts of others religions and claim them as part of yours.

  7. Spirit Guides arnt wiccan but they are pagan. You really dont need one nor should you have one. i dont and i have been raised a wiccan.

  8. Spirit guides and power animals have nothing to do with Wicca, although some happen to also deal with them. I have neither.

  9. im looking to conform to wiccan faith. My family is pagan, but do not allow for any traditional practices. How do I find my spirit guide?

    • All u need to do is meditate and reach within urself and figure out who u really r, then the answer will come. Srry about being vague, but thats the best way to describe it

  10. hey Bella, is there any animal that you have always just felt drawn to? ever since i even knew what a cat was i was drawn to them. a family member of mine is Wiccan as well, and she helped me meditate so that i would know for sure just who my guide is. its a cat, definitely, and ever since then she has come to me in dreams. while it didn’t work for me, you could ask your dreams to send you your animal. or you could meditate on it. whatever works for you. you could just meditate in your room before you go to sleep, in my experience, i didn’t need anything in particular, just a little guidance from someone who has done it before.

  11. I have meditated on it and i have three so far… Dragon(not sure about wat kind because with each type of dragon they mean different things), tiger, and wolf


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