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im really wanting to get into this. i have a question or two though…. does magic really work??? im wanting to create my own book of shadows. but i don’t even know how to start! do i just put words that sound alike in there and hope they work??? and why does it always seem that the words have to sound alike??? help me out please.


  1. Spells have an equal chance of working as coincidence and the placebo effect does. If you want to increase your chances, make it a self-fulfilling prophecy!

  2. Spells are focused energy. Basically a fancy prayer. Wiccans don’t HAVE to do Magick (spelt with a K because it’s unlike stage magic). Witches usually preform spells. Wicca is about the religion, nature and harmony and peace.
    A book of shadows holds all the information you want it to. Learn some vocab? Then write it down! Learn about karma, write it down! Something awesome happen to you in nature and seemed supernatural, write it down. You can write dreams, candle color meaning, spells, definitions or terms and other religions, anything you want. And believe me. There is a LOT to be written.
    Spells tend to rhyme because they are easier to remember that way. You want to try and memorize your spells so you aren’t reading them off a piece of paper. If you just read from paper, your focus isn’t on your desire or worship, it’s on the paper. 🙂
    Good luck and Blessed Be.

  3. Spellwork is something that takes a lot of time and effort to learn. The whole point of writing a spell is to help you to shape and focus your will. Spells need not rhyme, but rhyming and the use of colors and certain magickal oils, insenses, candles, etc, help to focus intent and thus shape will.
    I strongly recommend you study a LOT more before you start trying spells. Wicca is, in my opinion, much more about your relationship with your Gods than it is about spellwork.
    In simple answer to your question, yes, my spells have generally been rather effective. But I choose what spells to cast very carefully, and I consider all the possible unintended consequences before I ever start to cast. Most of my spells are cast upon myself for clarity, courage, inspiration or wisdom, for example, although I also occassionally cast healing spells and have cast fertility spells, as well.

  4. I have no idea why you think the words need to “sound alike.” (Do you mean rhyme?)
    Wicca is not about spells. Wicca is a religion. The Book of Shadows is not a recipe book of magic. It’s a collection of knowledge, beliefs, rituals and other thoughts pertinent to yoru spiritual journey.
    I think where you need to start is to get the basics about Wicca.

  5. 1) Wicca is not about spells. It’s about building and maintaining a spiritual relationship with the Gods.
    2) Those who take up spell work (or incorporate Witchcraft into their Wiccan practices) realize that it takes STUDY to make spells work. There is SO MUCH more to spells than simply putting together rhyming words. You can say all the rhyming words you like, just don’t expect anything to come of it.
    3) A book of shadows is a compilation of information gathered that you feel is important to expand your knowledge and experiences throughout your practices. It is also a place to store your spells and ritiuals that you have written and have casted, as well as records of how they worked and IF they worked.
    4) Spells DO NOT have to rhyme, it’s just easier to remember a spell if it rhymes.
    You have MUCH to learn when it comes to Wicca!


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