Wiccans: Do you kow where I can find…..?

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A website that will sell me an elaborate (blank) Book Of Shadows, yet at a cheap price? I want a beautiful one, but I just don’t have the money for some of the expensive ones. And yes, i know, I can just make one myself, but I really want a pretty one.

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I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to make your own ‘book of shaddows’. It’s supposed to be like a personal journal of the spells you do and how they worked for you.

Why Am I Here?

Some book stores sell very pretty velvet covered blank books reasonably priced. You could also check out http://www.azuregreen.com/ I haven’t shopped with them in awhile but they carried some decent items at fair prices. (besides that I LOVE their story)


I think it would be best to get a plain bound journal, of the kind used by artists. They sell them in various colors and sizes, at Borders bookstores and places like that. Then you can use paint or pens to decorate the cover yourself. That is much more magical than buying one that’s already fancified by somebody else.
This idea of buying elaborate, ritzy ritual tools is a fairly new thing. Most traditional witches prefer to either make their own, or buy something simple and decorate it themselves, or else to buy something plain and simple and just leave it plain and simple. Wicca is more a peasant religion, not a religion of the aristocracy, so it has a much simpler aesthetic sense.
I’ve been in Wicca over twenty years now, and it seems to be a rule of thumb that you can tell who is an elder and who’s a newbie, often by their tools. The newbies go out and buy these fancy wands of metal and crystals decorated with fairies or whatever. The traditional witches and elders use a wand that is basically a stick. Often it’s a very plain, crooked stick, that they happened to come across one day in Nature, that just spoke to them. Maybe they’ll put a few sigils on it, or set a stone or two into it, but basically the traditional wand of witches is just a rather plain stick. So it does seem a little funny to us to see all the fancy shmancy kinds of things that the newer eclectic pagans seem to feel they need in order to practice Wicca.
I don’t mean to diss anyone’s sense of aesthetics, because sometimes the glittery stuff appeals to me, too. But when I want something glittery, then I just use a glitter pen and decorate it myself. It’s more the commercialism of people thinking they need to spend hundreds of dollars on their ritual tools that bothers me. That attitude is kind of foreign to the good old “do it yourself” approach of most traditional pagans and witches.
Anyway, good luck with your search.


I’m not sure where to find an elaborate “Cheap” Book of Shadows. Usually the ones that look pretty fancy, are all handmade, and therefore will be pretty pricey. You can try looking online at some wiccan supply stores, but I think the only cheap blank books will have black covers and gold images (like a pentacle, triquitra, eye of horus, or the words book of shadows) You can just buy a scrapbook and decorate the cover yourself, and make it as elaborate as you like. It’ll add a touch of yourself and your energies.
Kate: I believe Indiakid wanted an elaborate cover for their book of shadows. Not one pre-filled with info.

River Flower

My idea is to go to a Wal Mart and buy a binder with one of those clear slip covers on the front and put a pretty picture in it, fill it with looseleaf paper and decorate section dividers with leaves and glitter. Its really fun to do and that way it’ll be more attuned to your personal power.


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