Wiccans: Do you do Evocation, and if how how "Ceremonial" do you get with it?

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Like of nature spirits, gnomes, elementals, etc…

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Labgrrl Foucault Bounce!

Yes, but not of “nature spirits, gnomes, elementals” or, I imagine most of your “etc…”
If I want to do Ceremonial, I don’t need to mix it with my Wicca. I know both too well to blend like that.


To be honest, I don’t really consider it evoking, but I do often just talk, literally talk, with the elementals, same as I do the deities. It just feels fine to me to simply have a word with sylphs as I’m walking along outside to thank them for the cool breeze or as I’m getting out of the car to ask the undines to please hold off the rain until I get inside.


I do invocations in ceremonial that I’m tasked with practicing as part of my degree work, but at this point, I put much of the flowery words aside and simply address and then meditate on what I’m invoking (archangels and their correspondences with the elements, Cabalist concepts, the wheel of time and space, etc.) In the meditation, I am kind of immersed in a thought-mandala of correspondences and it can powerfully bring in the presence and essence of and perhaps even possession in the entity I am invoking–and that’s the point, isn’t it.

John W

I think that ceremony and Wicca is mixing the different aspects. Wicca involved the lower Gunas and Ceremonial Magick deals with the higher realms on the Tree of Life. Crowley maed the comment that witches are trapped within the Slave Quarters as they are impressed by the lower elements and aspects of the Tree of Life. One must always ascend higher or become bewitched by the lowest of Sidhes. HP Blavatsky also warns of this in “The Voice of the Silence.”

Heathen Princess HPFBD

I’m not Wiccan but I’m bored so I’m answering. *G*
My rituals are kept pretty simple and it depends on what I am doing. Simple “hails” don’t require much and personal blots are simple but formal. Offerings can be, I have a great deal of repsect for my ancestors. 🙂


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