Wiccans: best way to protect against negative energy?





So there’s been this cloud of negative energy around my home lately.
When I’m outside or away from home I don’t feel it.
I’ve asked my fiance to pick me up some smudge sticks as soon as possible and I’ve placed citrine crystals around my house.
Is there anything else I should be or could be doing to get rid of the negative energy?
Citrine Crystals are good for changing negative energy into positive energy, which is why I went with that choice.
I would greatly appreciate it if those who don’t believe there is validity to my question could just refrain from any negative or rude comments, thanks.


  1. It sounds like a cleansing is in order. If I were you, I’d also use salt around windows, doors, and doorways in addition to your smudging. Maybe also some myrrh or frankincense.

  2. Clean your house! Organize your closets! Get that soap-scum off the bathroom. If your house is feeling funky, try washing it first. You may have a house spirit or fae of some kind. They can be bummed out by a dirty house in spring. The seasons changed to spring and that can sometimes cause energetic funkiness. Try cleaning first and see if that helps. Break out the spring music and dance and smudge if that doesn’t work. When someone in your life is feeling blah, how do you get them in a good mood again?

  3. yes.draw a circle around your home. ask the gods and godesses for divine protection.then draw a pentagram around yourself.that is a forcefield.focus on your breathing and feel connected and grounded to the universe. the earth is your mother.ask for her help. ask all of nature to assist you.tell all the negative energies they must desist.and go back to where they came from.

  4. Give a little love, and it all comes back to you.
    Project the positive energy that you want to engender in your home. Others will pick up on it and return it.

  5. you cant get rid of energy
    you can change it though
    so make changes
    turn the negative to possitive
    play music , have some friends round and just create a different atmosphere
    I am not Wiccan though , so hopefully you get some other good suggestions to add to that

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