Wiccans, a question about "Cunningham's Book of Shadows."?

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I waffled on posting this because I’m uncomfortable sending his publisher press, but anyways…
As many of you know, earlier in the month Llewellyn put out what they allege was a “previously undiscovered manuscript” of Scott Cunningham’s, which they first were calling his “original Book of Shadows” but after a bit of backlash are now saying was something he meant for publication all along…
How much of this do you believe? Also, if anyone has already bought it, could you look inside and see who the copyright is listed as?
Edit: Inbetween clicking ‘submit’ and this question appearing I got an email scan of the copyright page sent to me. Apparently it is in his name….very interesting…

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Crystal clear

When I saw that book listed as a new release at One Spirit, honestly my first thought was that Llewellsn is still trying to ride the Cunningham money train some 15+ years after his death, which kind of turns my stomach as the man did do some good works for Wicca in his life.
I haven’t seen the book yet so I really can’t critique it, but I’m curious how much of the story is true and how much, if any of it, is actually his. But then, we can’t exactly contact him for clarification now, can we?


I heard about this and it seems a bit shady. How is it that he has had another manuscript that was just now discovered? And if it was meant for publication all along…why now? He died in 93 if I remember correctly, that’s an awful long time to wait. Especially as he is the first name people think of to recommend for newbies.


well, at first i was wtf he’s dead?! unless he wrote this in the Summerland and somehow shipped it to his publishers…lol
but when i read the story about finding it…it kinda reminded me of the First episode of charmed! “something Wicca this way comes”
when phoebe found her family’s Book of Shadows? lol….i dunno
but im not sure if i should believe it really is his?
non the less, i would still read it and check it out.

Nightwind: Adipose says Hi!

This is the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds fishy. If he had a manuscript ready for publication, surely people would have known about it. It wasn’t like his death was sudden. He knew it was coming.
His previously published books included a book of shadows of sorts, so I would be surprised if this offered new information if it is legit. I’m afraid his publishers might just be seeing a fast buck here.


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