Home Discussion Forum Wiccan Magick Runes: Help for a student?

Wiccan Magick Runes: Help for a student?

How are they used?
What are they used for?
How do they work?
Why are they considered so powerful?


  1. there is no such thing as magic.
    the idea of most wiccan prctice is mostly to focus your efforts on your needs/wants. you see what you want when you look at rubes, at least interpret the ‘signs’ as you wish any way.

  2. The runes are used by casting them on a surface like dice.
    Fortune telling.
    You cast the runes and read only the ones that are face up. Refer to a manual with the results of the roll.
    This is a way of fortune telling thousands of years old.

  3. answer: There are no such thing as Wiccan Runes.
    Runes are indigenous to Northern European paganism/Heathenism
    Wiccan “Runes” should be named glyphs
    They are a divination tool (runes are used for divination but much more as well)
    Perhaps you should hit Wiki for a breakdown of what divination is and the theories of how it might work.

  4. If you’re going to cast Runes and you’re Wiccan, *please* do it secularly, or if you can’t do that, don’t call on the Gods as faces of the Lord and Lady.


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