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Wiccan in spiritual crisis?

Magick works. If it didn’t I wouldn’t bother with it. I worship the two archetypes of the ONE, the God & The Goddess, but lately I’ve been feeling drawn to the Quaker Christian faith. I feel all warm and crap when I read about it. Should I experiment, or should I remain faithful to my own religion?


  1. Read about it and learn about it. Knowledge is good. If it’s where your path ends up taking you, then you shouldn’t stick to your current path for the wrong reasons.

  2. I am not Wiccan sorry
    but I am sure that any Wiccan will tell you that you have to follow your path
    the Quaker Christians sound a beautiful bunch of people … you could do a lot worse there
    follow your heart

  3. You can go to a Quaker meeting and not necessarily give up Magick. Liberal Quakers, like Unitarians are astonishingly accepting of other viewpoints and faiths. I would say that you could do both at the same time, and after attending some Quaker meetings and becoming more involved, you decide to move in that direction, then that will be fine. I’m sure you’ll find that many Quaker beliefs are not as opposed to Wiccan beliefs as one might think. Good luck.

  4. follow the path to where it leads you, you may find it takes you on a journey and leads you back to a similar place where you are now. All paths lead to the same place in the end!
    druidic pagan

  5. Be faithful to the one that suits you best. It would be stupid to follow one religion if you feel that it’s not the right one for you.

  6. My own path has led me to many different religions. Not one is exclusively right in my view. However they are all equally merited.
    In other words, I tend to follow parts of many religions, never sticking to a single one. I feel that this has given me great understanding of others.
    The only thing I can recommend is for you to follow your own heart. You do not need to take any advice given, as this is your decision and your decision alone.
    May peace go with you throughout your life.

  7. Well however you spell it(no pun intended) magic is just nonsense.Can you prove it works?,of course I can fly but I don’t think you would believe me,you would need proof,so please show proof that your Magick works,not some “i did a spell and a friend of mine passed her exams/got ill/died,got married etc..”.

  8. Quaker beliefs are actually fairly similar to Wiccan beliefs except that Quakers are monotheistic Christians and Wiccans obviously aren’t. 😛 But both are pacifist, and both are very accepting of other viewpoints. I say do as you will, but let me tell you, you could do way worse.
    If you feel called to be a Quaker, go for it. 🙂

  9. I can only tell you that when we feel something going on inside of us, thats a sign that its time to take a good hard look
    at ourselves. Lucifer does magic and it works, too, ya know?

  10. Always go where your conscience leads. Wicca doesn’t seem like a very dogmatic faith, so I think experimenting and investigating would not harm your Wiccan path. On the whole, the Quaker faith seems like a very decent organization, so why not investigate them?

  11. religion, all it has to do is be right for you.
    if the Quaker path is calling you try it out. see what it is all about. convert if you feel the need. do what you need to do. it is your spiritual path.

  12. i don’t think you’re in a spiritual crisis. if you feel drawn to it, then learn and explore it. if you are simply using archetypes, then it should be easy to switch to another set of archetypes. i know christians don’t like thinking that what the worship is merely an archetype, but that’s what it boils down to. since you’re pagan, you know that you naturally have a questioning mind. take a real good look at what you currently believe and see if something simply isn’t working for you any more. you might be feeling drawn to it because it holds something you are missing spiritually. nothing wrong with becoming a quaker as long as you feel it’s the right path for you. may you be blessed on whatever path you walk.

  13. Maybe you were Quaker in a former life. Regardless, you can get into it without accepting any Absolutist stuff you see in some Christian faiths. You can borrow whatever you want for your own private practice.

  14. I think you should be faithful to yourself, not the tenets of a religion. What do you believe in? What is your view of the nature of divinity? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Pick the religion that fits your beliefs. Don’t try to make your beliefs conform to a religion. The fact that you describe the God and Goddess as archtypes and not as beings makes me think that maybe you will find yourself fitting in better with monotheistic belief. Your mention of magick gives me the impression that’s how you got into Wicca, but you can study magick outside of Wicca. Never stop seeking the truth.

  15. Different Quaker meetings can have different tones or flavors (some are rather politically oriented, for instance). But at its heart, the Society of Friends is founded on the understanding that Spirit continues to inspire in the here and now present, and that revelation is a perpetually on-going thing.
    It is not, for that reason, very dogmatic. Quaker worship is essentially contemplative prayer, a kind of listening, with the felt understanding that Truth can speak to and through any of us.
    I am primarily Buddhist, but I have had lovely, lovely experiences in Quaker meeting houses.
    Many persons bear the understanding that our spiritual lives are best served by a faithful immersion in one spiritual language and community. I myself am all for getting ‘neath the words and structures and communing with What it all comes from originally.
    So for me, focused as I am on experiences and practices (rather than philosophical concepts or doctrinaire commandments), it is more than ok to know myself enriched by more than one practice tradition.
    blessed be

  16. Any pagan will tell you that you must follow the path that is right for you. Perhaps ask yourself some questions. What draws you to this particular faith? What aspects do you like most? What do you like least? Also, review what’s been happening in your life lately that makes you feel this way.. is this a passing phase or a true questioning of your faith?
    These are just some ideas to help you start.. when you feel you’ve answered sufficiently, then make a decision and go for it.
    Many blessings on whatever path you choose.

  17. There is no reason you cannot follow the teachings of both. The God and Goddess are quite ecumenical. If you feel resonance, embrace it. This does not mean you are no longer faithful to your beliefs, you are just expanding upon them. They are growing as you are growing, and they will continue to evolve as you continue to evolve.
    Crisis = growth. Think, feel, change, grow. Take with you what works; leave behind what does not.

  18. Learn about it, experience it, and then see where it leads you, you might go one way or the other, or blend the two together. But you shouldn’t feel forced to stay Wiccan if the Quaker faith feels more comfortable. When your head and heart are both happy you’ll know you’ve made the right decision for you, no one else can tell you which will be best.

  19. Look into it. Study it. That may be where your path is leading you. And if it isn’t, then you still gain knowledge of another path and truths you find within it will enlighten you along the way.

  20. no knowledge is ever wasted. learn as much as you like.
    my goddess want her children to be strong and intellegent. she wants us to ask questions and be independent.
    i’m eclectic for a reason…if i come across something that seems to fit me i incorporate it into my path.
    there is no reason that you can’t do the same.
    bright blessings to you

  21. Traditionally, the Wiccan gods are discrete entities, not archetypes, sides or any kind of “one.”
    It sounds like the Society of Friends is for you, not Wicca, since your beliefs aren’t Wiccan.

  22. Well isn’t it all about gaining wisdom? My Pagan father once told me, when I asked, ‘How will I know if what I hear or read is truth?’; ‘If you’re walking down a road and mud begins to spew interesting words, sit down and listen. Ask your heart if what you hear is true, it will NEVER lie to you. Take what is truth and leave the rest. Make sure you thank the mud. The wisdom is what’s important, not the source. Be a devotee of no one, no belief, but only to your heart.”
    I say, check it out, gain the wisdom and follow your free heart.
    Have fun, fear nothing.
    Remain faithful to your heart. Period.
    Blessed Be

  23. Knowledge is good. Read about it. If it makes your heart happy, follow and see where it leads you. The gods are patient.

  24. go with what feels right inside, we all have to tread numerous ‘wrong’ paths, not before we get the right one, but before you realise that it’s not in fact the path we travel that’s important, but where we are going, and how we learn from, and deal with the lessons on the way that’s important. a different perspective can never hurt. if it helps, think of standing 15 feet directly behind a car, now move 3ft to the left, or right. how much more of the car in front can you see.


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