wiccan and phychic problems?

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ok so im into wicca but right when i started it weird things have been happening good and bad…… like
1:my physic powers have been increasing a lot lately and im not try to develope them because i dont have the time.
EX: animals have been fond of me like my moms dog loves me but shes terrifying to a lot of people.when people try to get my cat into the house nobody can cuz my cat just walks or runs away from them , but when i try to the cat just sits there and waits for me to pick him up and put him inside.i lost the key to my pencil case but i kept thinking about my book of shadows that was stacked up ontop of other books and when i took it out guess what ….the key was RIGHT onto of the star on the book.
and when i read a book it suddenly came out as a show…read another book then the book store had it on a best seller rack suddenly.when i read a lot of vampire books the book store suddenly got a whole section about them now.
2: when i started wicca i started getting dizzy and headaches A LOT and i cant see as well as i used too. not too many headache medacine works well.my doctors cant find anything wrong they just think its headaches
and im reading the “sweep” series of books and some of the side affects that the girl is having….ive had for a long time….but some are the exact opposit of the offect shes having
no1 answerd this question b4 so im posting it again -_-‘….

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*psychic* problems and powers
What you said is fi-chic

Dreamcast Entity 9/9/99

I really want to recommend that Carl Sagan book, but I know I can’t get you to read it.

Amethyst Moon

Hmm I am also Wicca Celtic Witch and have lived in the craft for most of my life. How long have you been Wiccan? I ask because usually those new to the religion try to do everything at once or only do areas ie spell work, invocation or divination incompletely such as not closing a circle they have cast, not working a spell correctly (from a place of No harm etc), not protecting their space or Altar. so that’s my reasoning for asking no offense.
as far as your psychic gifts developing without you purposely wanting to hone them well as a psychic with multiple gifts myself I can tell you from my experience the gifts you were given, born with will manifest, grow at a time which is right.
the book issue could be a coincidence, or your growing gifts influence. The key lost and found on top of your BOS…well I ask why is your BOS stacked on other books and not in a place of honor on your altar? again psychic gifts at work or forgetting you put it there…
these are my thoughts and impressions they come from love, light and truth. If you want to talk more on this feel free to contact me of list.
Blessed Be

Carls Jr.

Oh yeah, common side effects of the religion.
What you need to do in order to control the physic power raging inside of you like an unruly storm is the “Gadda Gadda La Vida”. Which has roots from both Africa, ancient Greece and of course the pagan gods.
On the new moon cover a copper coin in menstrual blood and put it in the bottom of a jug of water. Pour a small amount each day into a small flask and wear it around your neck to neutralize the headaches and fuzzy eyesight. You will need to change the water each day, but it should last you a month. You can’t use the same penny afterwords, remember that.
Your glorious powers need to be exercised to relieve some of the stress as well, it is best done during school hours. The government choose those times to educated youth because they know these are the best times for the gifted to exercise their mind powers and don’t want you to awaken. Training is simple, do anything from draw your inner spirit animal to writing your own spells.


I’m sorry, I absolutely don’t believe you.
Any Wiccan reading the sweep books and not being disgusted by them isn’t what I’d consider decently Wiccan.


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