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Wiccan advice needed: How to make a wand?

For a while I’ve been looking into acquiring a wand to see if I “click” with it. Lucky for me, a limb from one of my Crape Myrtle trees fell off recently due to a rain storm. I also have a quarts point I’ve been saving. Problem is that the quarts point is as big around as the thickest part of the tree branch, so I can’t embed the crystal into the branch as I would like.
Do any fellow Wiccans or Pagans out there have a creative way to bind the crystal and branch together without it falling apart? I realize I need to use silver wire, but will that be sturdy enough?
Detailed answers are greatly appreciated!


  1. We have detailed instructions in my church….come look!
    Just kidding, I am Christian, but I’m a true Christian who loves everyone for who they are. And so I will try to help you.
    Take a look at some of the beautiful silver jewellery that is being created by wrapping the silver wire around the gem in a haphazard, chaotic fashion. These pieces hold through wear and tear but are spectacularly beautiful in their organic nature. Also, a bauble of silver or a secondary gem on the tip would work well to anchor the gem. This is all assuming that it would be inappropriate to drill a whole through the gem, which might alter its properties.
    Good luck!

  2. you mite just want to get a smaller crystal. The crystal you have now . you could put it in a small leather bag and keep it with you. it is best to make sure your crystal is embedded into the wood/ branch. if you really prefer this crystal to be used with your wand some like to dangle them on with leather bands and silver wire…. just remember that you will be moving this wand about much so what ever you do make sure it is sturdy. Good luck and
    Blessed be…


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