Home Discussion Forum Wicca spell to get rid of negative energy?

Wicca spell to get rid of negative energy?

Can you help me get rid of this draining negative energy that I feel when I am in this house?


  1. First of all, “spells” are fake because magic isn’t real. Second of all, you have to define exactly what you mean by “negative energy” before anyone knows what you are talking about. Newage banter is full of fuzzy terms like “energy” which sound nice and cosmic but are devoid of meaning; I doubt there is a single newager anywhere in the world who could give precise definitions of what they mean when they use these terms!

  2. All you need to do is pray to the Lord to cast out Satan and his evil spirits.
    Don’t try to cast spells yourself or you will open yourself to demonic harassment. God bless.
    Deu 18:9 “When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, be very careful not to imitate the detestable customs of the nations living there.
    Deu 18:10 For example, never sacrifice your son or daughter as a burnt offering. And do not let your people practice fortune-telling, or use sorcery, or interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft,
    Deu 18:11 or cast spells, or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead.
    Deu 18:12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD. It is because the other nations have done these detestable things that the LORD your God will drive them out ahead of you.

    • Crystal Clear has got it down.
      Blessed Be )0(
      “Saved and footprints”, Wicca isnt a religion honoring Satan. Its a practice with a broad spectrum of beliefs. It is a nature based religion, honoring all living things. We have many or even no gods or goddesses at all. If you see the post is related to Wicca, dont post on the thread or force your religion upon others. Educate yourself first before excusing people of something that is highly offensive! We practice what we practice and in we are all intitled to believe what we believe. We respect what you believe. Can you respect our beliefs, or is that worshipping Satan?

      • Merry Meet. Thank you for trying to explain, but most will refuse all other persons beliefs for their own. Its makes me sad we live in the 21 century, and still get crap. :/
        Blessed be )O(
        Tabby Lady

    • from what i can see this page is for pagens and wiccians to exchange ideas and helpful hints. Its not for bible beating christains to preach the work of god in dissagreement. I was born and raised Roman Cathloic but i choose and far more agree with the wiccian beliefs. I know what your bible says. It states that thou shall not judge unless thou is judged. People like do not judge your beliefs there for its going aganist your god to judge ours. They way i see it as long as somoe one has faith it doesnt matter what that faith is. The motto of wicca Is do as ye will but harm none. where is the evil in that?

    • Close minded fool!! Don’t down someone else’s religion lest ye be judged!! If you don’t like what we have to say on this page stay away we donot want or need your approval. Have some decency and stuck to your own religious sites and butt out of ours your negativity is like a disease keep it to yourself )O( Bright Blessings to all my strong brothers and sisters of the craft!

  3. Open every window & raise every shade to let in as much sun & air as possible.
    Burn your favorite incense.
    Fill the house with flowers.
    Rearrange the furniture.
    Find a new picture to hang on the wall.
    Put on your favorite music.
    Find something to add to your home altar.
    Pick a room & clean it.
    Cook your favorite food for dinner. (or order out)
    The spirits will find you.

  4. *sigh “Wicca spell”?
    Wicca is a religion.
    Witchcraft is a magical practice.
    No spell is needed for this particular task.
    Go through your home and give it a good overall physical cleaning.
    Open some windows and let some fresh air through.
    Then perhaps use a method such as smudging to give your home a “spiritual cleaning”. Affirm out loud in each room as you smudge that you are casting out all negative and unwanted energies.
    Once this is done, re-charge your space with positive energy.
    Burn some yellow and/or orange candles (think along the lines of a bright sunshiny day.)
    Play some upbeat music that lifts your spirits.
    Get some friends together and play a game that will make you all laugh (Laughter is a great way to build up positive energies in a space. *Cranium works well for me and my group.)

  5. If you practice anything that takes your focus and worship away from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then unfortunately you are worshipping things that are not from God. Give Him a chance instead of questioning Him and doubting Him. You will never know His power until you do…He is more powerful than sage, sea salt, crystals, psychics….I know because I have tried them all. When you are using these other things, you are inviting forces that are not from God into your life…all forces not from God are demonic and once again…I know first hand. Invite Jesus into your heart and let Him show you what he can do instead.

    • I find it interesting what people quote here from the Bible. It intrigues me because it shows precisely that people were brainwashed to remove their own creative powers and power of intention and words. They have made people powerless, that is so interesting to me. The government rewrote the Bible so that it could charge more taxes and control the people and looked how it worked. Originally, people focused on good and created good. End of story, Full stop, nothing more. Then some people who were negative created evil and negative thoughts and created in fear. Ignorant people think that the material created from fear is real, it is not. They have many people focused on abolishing fear, so they are operating on illusion for fear is illusion. So these religious people have given away their power to create in the positive, to create good things. They don’t see their actions, words and thoughts to have any power. They think others are doing evil, but they have never seen that many of these groups are doing good things with their words and thoughts. Plus, all forces are from the same source and God created the sage and the salt and the power to use words and intent and thoughts to create good in the world. Animals have God in them, look and see the love in their eyes and you will see the purity of God. Religious people eat these animals and are hypocrites for it says in the Bible thou shalt not kill, then why do they kill? They think it means another human, it means animals, too. People were fed lies and are feeding to other people. All of this magic pagan stuff started out as Divine for creating blessed good. It is only fearful people who use words to create negativity, this has nothing to do with magic or pagan or wicca, only to do with the people who are fearful that might have changed the positive origins to human made negative ones. God created magic and pagan and spells to create good. The things that are not good are created by people that are fearful. Religion is fearful because it condones eating God, God is in the animals, just look into their eyes

  6. Somebody get rid of the scum making this page negative thats a Huge start. light a black candle take sea salt and put some in your bath. light sage. go around the inner walls of your house and into each room with it creating a barrier to rid of negativity. Native americans used sage for there ceremonies as well and for the jerk. even churches use blends of sage francensince and myhr. to purify there church. So you know no one here worships satan. We worship the earth, Nature and like the romans, greek, chinese, egyptians, and many others. we worship a variety of gods and goddesses. In fact some wiccans do not believe in satan at all!

  7. Thank you for advice on getting negative energy out of my home and for this site…iv found it easiest to just ignore the ignorance of the view others have on our faith or any other faith for that matter…if they would educate themselves before judging we wouldn’t have do deal with their rudeness and disrespect!!! Blessed be!!!

  8. Those posting Godly stuff u are showing you are just pathetic people judging others for what they believe, all u are required to do is love people, not condemn others. if u say you love Jesus, that is what Jesus himself would do. personally those who judge should look at their own life first, since i am sure u life is far from perfect, stop acting so high and mighty. seriously religion is just a form of control. That has been my experience with religion & has turned me away and I am open to things of wicca & don’t believe in Satan, if satan existed we would see demons everywhere, this earth would be really bad .we would not be able to even sleep at night. Stop imposing your believes on people cos what u say just will turn them away not make them want to believe at all, you just make yourself sound like an idiot. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS.

  9. Omg if you don’t believe in our Goddess given religion or think it has to do with negativity keep your crap to yourself!!!! We have the right to practice our religion just as you do yours! You dont see us posting negative stuff on Christan walls!!! Do some research and grow up!! Wiccan and proud of it!!

  10. I found post of the post on here helpful. Our house was broken into and there is still a negativity in the air. Thankfully it’s sunny today so I’m letting as much sunlight as possible. I’m trying to be as positive as possible so I put out good energy. I’m cleaning and rearanging to lighten things up also. Thank you again for the wonderful advice.


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