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Wicca Query I am a fervent bbeliever in angels and God and I wonder can I also learn and practice wicca?

Hi all I am new to this just interested in finding out more.Have been interested for a long time! My only worries are that I am a fervent believer in angels and God and I wonder can I also learn and practice wicca?


  1. Wicca is not a good religion to pick. There are many other religions and practitioners of sorcery that combine elements of modern monotheism and witchcraft. I personally think Wicca is basically one big self-fulfilling prophecy. Look up stregheria or vrililogy or something. Also, voodoo magic has strong roots in Catholicism – and it works much better. Voodoo is a pain in the ass because the ingredients are hard to come by and you must keep at doing the rituals or else the spirits will get angry. It’s kind of a double-edged sword.

  2. You can’t mix darkness with light. It will never work out and darkness will always override light as long as we are here on this planet.

  3. The Gods of Wicca bear no relation to the Judeo- Christian God. Therefore, if you truly believe in Him and feel called to honor him, Wicca is not the right religion for you — not because we are anti-Christianity, but rather because our theology and system of ethics is not Christian theology in the same way that chocolate ice cream is not strawberry ice cream.
    An essay on “The Problem with Christian Wicca”: http://wicca.timerift.net/christianwicca.shtml
    If, on the other hand, it’s witchcraft you’re interested in… witchcraft and Wicca are not the same thing. Witchcraft is a technique, and there are indeed Christian witches out there.

  4. Ones beliefs must need be in harmony in life. Wicca does not believe in the deity christians have in Jesus. While there are those who do practice what they term Christopaganism their numbers are somewhat low. The key is to follow your own path no matter where it takes you. It is your spirit that must be followed and no one elses.
    No Wicca is not darkness.
    No Wiccan do not follow Satan, He does not exist! How could we follow something that does not exist? Silly.
    No we do not use black magic.
    No we are not all witches. Some do practice the craft but not all of us.
    We are a path of peace and love of our Earth.
    Blessed Be!

  5. I guess it depends on how loosely you interpret the Bible. Obviously, there’s the issue of some of the Bible passages being against magic and other gods, so if you take the Bible too literally, no, you can’t. However, you can certainly interpret the commandment of “Thou shalt have no gods before me” as God saying that he recognizes the existence of other gods, he just has to be first. A Wiccan believes in a God as well as a Goddess, so believing in God is not an issue, but you have to be willing to believe in a female companion for him. Angels are no different than any other spirit with which a Wiccan might work, so of course they work well with Wicca. If your belief in the God is like the Christian God, you maybe Christian Wiccan. It is possible, contrary to what people will say on both sides. If this is what you believe, you need to expect people to not count you as either Christian or Wiccan because many Christians and Wiccans don’t believe it’s possible. May you find your path, no matter what it may be.
    Venus Bless
    Edit: I also feel that I should warn you that Wicca and witchcraft are not the same, and you should be careful with which it is in which you are interested. You may find that you will find more acceptance as a Christian witch than a Christian Wiccan. Also, not all Wiccans who draw on angels are Christian Wiccans. To be Christian Wiccan, you must follow the core beliefs of the Wiccans and believe that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior. If you don’t follow both of these beliefs, you are not Christian Wiccan, but a Christian witch or a Wiccan depending on which you accept and which you do not.

  6. I agree with the guy who said you can’t mix light and darkness.
    The bright, pure light of Wicca doesn’t mix with the bloody light of Christianity and all the evil it has brought forth in the world.

  7. Wicca is a religion, but it’s not a Christian religion. It doesn’t really mesh well with Christianity. A lot of basic tenets between the two just clash. Both are good religions for followers, they are just different world views.
    Perhaps you are referring to Witchcraft, the practice of magic? Some people use Wicca and Witchcraft interchagably but they are two distinct things. Wicca is a specific Pagan religion, while Witchcraft is the practice of magic.
    If this is the case, there are Christian Witches that draw heavily on Christian scriptures & beliefs. If you want to practice magic, you don’t need to be Wiccan.


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