Wicca, Golden Dawn, and other Magickal Traditions?

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I am a 2nd Degree Solitary Wiccan. I also practice the traditional western hermetic occultist methods( i.e. Golden Dawn). At this website:http://www.golden-dawn.org/regalia.html. It displays ornate sceptres. I would really like a staff or sceptre yet i am unable to find one. Also as a solitary witch, I suck at finding good occult stores with unique yet affordable stuff. Anyone have any sites?

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hope it helps…


Greetings and Merry Meet. Its funny I don’t remember hearing about Golden Dawn. Thank you for the link. For the really basic stuff I go to http://www.azuregreen.com
If you want large quantities of ingredients, I have found it worth it to get a business license and buy in bulk.
Here are some addresses you may be interested in:
Blessed Be


have you done a search on google or yahoo?


I think that you should make your own. Seriously, it will be full of your energy.


I tried to go you the website but it said 404 not found. I wanted to see if it was a school. I would think if your 2nd Degree you really ought to know lots of places. But I belong to 2 web site that are also part of the best pagan store I ever found. Mind you I haven’t been to the shop in over 25 yrs as I moved away. Here they are. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CovenOfMysticShadows/
It was my first pagan shop I stayed kept on there snail mail list for 25 yrs. May I ask how do you become a Decreed Witch as a Solitary?

Kallan K

Merry Meet,
I am a third degree high priestess, but have never heard of someone becoming a 2nd degree solitary before. Can you tell me how it is that you have a 2nd degree and are solitary?
The link you placed up there doesn’t work, but I am fully aware of the Golden Dawn system of magic(k).
To answer your question, you could make your own, or try running an internet search for occult supplies, witchcraft supplies, etc…
I personally like Azure Green and 13moons as online occult suppliers.
Be blessed in your spirit walk..

Black Aliss

After seeking out the images on the website and seeing what you are refering to; the robes, sceptres, caduceus, sword, etc…These are not necessary for the beginner. Those tools are the right of the master, those who have experienced the mysteries within a practicing golden dawn group. When you have received that level of elevation; the tools will come to you, or be presented to you by your intitators. These are not casual baubles to be displayed on a mantle. These pieces have very specific ritual significance, and are usually not even handled by neophytes. Having been elevated to the second degree myself, I am curious as to how you achived that level of elevation without a community, or a shop for supplies. I am of the opinion that it is the gods who initiate, but it has been my experience that there does have to be a person to officiate. Usually that person is found within a community, or a coven… As for the staff, that is a tool that is created by the witch as a recording stick. Each initiation you perform is recorded into the staff, it is usually constructed from a found branch, and decorated. As for shops, have you looked on witchvox? http://www.witchvox.com/xvn.html here you will find individuals, groups, shops, and other community services in your region. As for shopping for ritual supplies, I usually shop locally… You can find some great deals on ebay too…


There’s a whole section of the Web called ” MysticWicks.com “, whole bunch of artisans and artists thereon…..

Li-An V

Its is very interesting to hear about the degree system. That is new to me. I am a high priestess and I have been practicing for 12 years now. I studied in the old fashion way and I usually suggest making such things as staffs, sceptres, or wands. I have found that hand made items tend to wield magick with more power because they are connected to you and your magick. Many items that we use are all originally found in nature and the items needed will “call” to you or you will be able to feel the power within the item. Try taking a walk or hike among nature and allow your inner magick to help you find your staff or sceptre. Have fun. Blessed Be.


This is a fantastic store.


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