Wicca dedication?

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Must you go through the year and a day dedication before you can call yourself a true Wiccan? Can you have a Book of Shadows before then?
You guys are great. Thanks!!

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yes of course. most witches/ wiccans start their bos when they start learning about the craft. some covens prefer that you go through the year and a day process to make sure that you are serious and that the craft is right for you. if you are a solitary, you can do the dedication when it feels right for you.

Epona Willow

You use the term “true Wiccan” , you may want to read this.


The generally accepted of becoming an adherent of wicca is to use the year and a day to research and make sure your beliefs and wanting to dedicate yourself to wicca. I’d say that if the beliefs are really at your core and you know it early on you don’t need to wait the year and a day before calling yourself a true Wiccan. Most people i think use the year and a day to prepare and practice making and using a Book of Shadows, so when the time comes they can use it and have it work for them. Most will consider you a “real” Wiccan after the year and a day dedication, but i dont think it could hurt to make a BoS before then.


Like most things in wicca, the dedication is a personal choice. Unless you’re in a coven with a set practice for it, there’s no real right or wrong time to do your dedication. As for calling yourself a “true wiccan” in order to do that, you just need to study and know (and follow) your faiths, your beliefs, and your practices, the same is true for most other religions too. You BOS is the most personal thing you can have as a wiccan, that begins when you want it to. When you are comfortable starting one (or when you feel the time is right to start one) then start it.


I’d suggest finding a tradition and learning a bit more, hun.
http://www.witchvox.com/_x.html?c=trads is a list of over 65 traditions and paths of Paganism including Wicca. The term dedication VARIES from tradition to tradition and understanding what it means in 2-3 is a good start….understanding the problem with the term True Wiccan will help, too.
Some people have been sold a bill of goods where having a tradition or being in a group means blind obedience to the will of a leader. If you believe this, you’re already blindly obeying whoever told you that….so there’s nothing to lose by trying a trad!
Look for one that doesn’t ask for money or say things you know to be false.


1) a year and a day, and often a formal recognition that you have done the needed study, work, practice, and growth.
A good coven will help you through this, but if you are solitary, you will need to find this recognition within your self and within the deities you have a relationship with.
2) Yes, if you are studying to be initiated into Wicca, you should have a book of shadows. It is a living, changing, growing book about you and your practices – and/or those of the group you beling to. It doesn’t need to be ‘perfect’, and it will never be finished.


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