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Wicca & Chakras ? What are your thoughts on this connection? I'm told they can't co-exist. I think they can !?

I have been friends with a very talented psychic, from Australia, and she works with the police station on locating missing kids. She has been Wiccan for over 20 years,and I trust her word, explicitly. But, when I had told her that another former friend of mine, also a psychic, who had done an energy reading on me, told me that i needed to cleanse my throat and heart chakra she balked at the very idea of chakras and Wicca ever mixing ! Now, I ‘ll admit, I am new to alot of ideas on Wicca. I am not new to Chakras, but when I was learning Wicca for the first time, I had a book on Chakras,and was confused,even back then .
I had found a book on them,and ended up throwing the book away,because I was told that I was “going to hell” . I had thought that, back then, Wicca and Chakras had no place together, since they were two totally different types of religion. But I had changed my mind on that, but want someone’s input: namely from those who are more knowledgeable in Wiccan practices.
This is my theory: They both deal with energy work.
They both deal with the body.
They both deal with the Universe. I’m also learning that they do co-exist.
Wiccan’s/ Pagans: What are your thoughts on this matter? I really need solid answers, as I have recently gotten fed up with mixed answers and walked away from this, and i am feeling the pull, but don’t feel ready , not just yet.
I also have issues with “Seeing is believing,” and the fact, that my father, was an athiest.
I’ll admit: his views really had been ingrained into me, even at a young age,whether or not I knew it.
I have not had any faith on the whole bible / jesus/ god/ thing. I’m told, ( I won’t reveal her name,tho) that I should step back from Wicca,then find out what I really want to believe in.
I came to learning about Wicca,as a step in the whole faith/God/Goddess idea, because I had no faith in the bible,god and jesus and the ten commandments crap.
Wiccan’s,pagans, some thoughts, please ??
Serious answers, only: all religious condemnation, and christian philosophy will be deleted.


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  2. Buddhism and such normally deal with that kind of thing. Wiccans normally vary in between different types of beliefs and practices so it’s odd to me for her to act like that. It could be just a problem with her due to her long standing position in Wicca, when you do something so long, it seems like evil to see something else.
    You can be a Wiccan and not be into the goddess or deity thing. Wicca has no set religious path and that’s why so many people tend to pick it up as a practice.
    I, myself came from Wiccan/Neo Paganism and ended up as a Pantheist. I’ve came down many paths to find my own and eventually you will to. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I suggest if you like the Wiccan practices to stick with them but research different things as well. Leave your mind open.

  3. Charkras are not a religion but an Asian philosophy of health. Since there are many branches of Wicca, as well as many branches of paganism you will get various conflicting ideas on the subject. I for one took classes on the web whose ideas on that conflicted. I would say that the idea of the body and chakras is a good one and can be incorporated into the healing end of your practices. I never got into that as much as my son has. As for the one person who stated to back away until you know which direction you wish to go in, it is sound advice if you are still unsure. Wicca is a polytheistic religion which wants constant learning over your life time. If you are confident that your wish to stick with any branch of Wicca, than go for it, but again that is your choice.
    By the way… The ten commandments were laws (supposedly) given to Moses by his GOD so as to keep the Tribes in line while looking for the promised land. Fairly good laws for that time and place, but not for everyone. If you don’t want a structure with rules than perhaps your best bet is to go the way of your father, or find something which best suits you. Even Wicca has its rules and guidelines.

  4. As a Wiccan for the past 9 years…I would say there’s no problem with the two mixing. I do chakra clearing/balancing. And I’m Wiccan. Why can’t they both co-exist? I don’t see why they wouldn’t

  5. They just have nothing to do with each other, it doesn’t mean you can’t do them.
    Do Wiccans now throw Wiccans out for believing in whatever stupid non-Wiccan thing comes down the pike? I mean, I can think of Wiccans with stupider ideas who are still Wiccans.

  6. They can co-exist. Wicca is a religion, not a form of magic. I think that if that is how someone has learned then that is fine no matter their religious beliefs. There are Wiccans that don’t practice magic at all and there are those who use one type and others that use other types. Practices say nothing about the persons beliefs.
    Have a nice day

  7. What a very extraordinary idea, that Wicca and the chakras can’t coexist! That’s like saying that Wiccans can’t practise yoga or meditation or martial arts! I can see no reason why Eastern and Western ideas can’t coexist in an eclectic practice of Wicca. I think that ideals of cultural purity are illusions anyway. All cultures may improve by learning, borrowing and evolving. I do however think it is important not to hijack ideas from other cultures, appropriating them as our own without giving respect and due credit to the originators.
    While I think elders and longstanding practitioners deserve respect, that doesn’t mean they are always right, and most of them would expect their proteges to develop their own judgement and critical questioning faculties, I hope.
    Several eclectic Wiccan authors cover the chakras, or sometimes identical ideas without the name, in their work. There is nothing especially novel about this, or controversial either, in my opinion.

  8. It depends entirely on the person. Some do, and some don’t, much like a lot of ideas in Wicca. I work them together in my practice. It makes perfect sense to me so I use them.

  9. Chakras are not an integral part of Wicca, but I see no reason why a Wiccan could not work with them. I think a lot of these issues of people saying you cannot do “that!” and be Wiccan has a lot to do with the “Fluffy Bunny Crusades”. Now, I am all for rooting out unintelligence, immaturity, and blatant disrespect within Wicca, but many people have taken it too far. We now have people who have a hissy-fit whenever they hear anything that sounds even slightly fluffy. IMO, it’s just as bad as the Bunnies themselves, because they typically tend to refuse to hear any rational argument for why someone has included something not necessarily Wiccan into their practices. I personally work with chakras, and I know they are not a Wiccan concept. But viewpoints within Wicca do not negate the existence of chakras, so I see no problem with it. In fact, I commonly engage in many New Age type exercises which are not very Wiccan. It does not make me any less Wiccan, it just means my life, beliefs, and practices do not consist solely of Wicca. If I cannot work with chakras as a Wiccan, then I say other Wiccans cannot use computers, fly on planes, or swim in a pool, because all of these things are not central to Wicca.


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