wicca, book of shadows?

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what is it. do i buy it or make it. is it a spell book?

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I strongly prefer to make mine, although I have bought blank ledger books with unlined pages now and again.
It’s a book of your notes, spells, rituals, thoughts, herb lore, or anything else to do with your faith and craft.

Robert R

Different Wiccan traditions will have different answers for this. For English Traditional Wiccans it’s a hand-copied book of rituals passed down from teacher to student, and each BoS is very specific to a specific tradition (denomination) of Wicca. Here is a copy of the Gardnerian BoS, upon which most of the other ETW books of shadow are based.


Merry Meet Sunflower,
The Book of Shadows is a book where Wiccans place spells, rituals and graphs. If you intend to take your BOS into sacred space to use as reference or energy work, do not place anything that you would normally place in a journal. In fact place your thoughts, ideas and emotion into a journal so that anything that is not pure knowledge won’t taint your BOS and cause adverse effects when used in ritual.
There are many online BOS that you can take reference from, and also you can purchase one from several authors from many of the book stores today. The best obviously is the one you make for yourself.
I hope my blurp has helped some.
Blessed Be


Yes a Book of Shadows is your personal book of spells, rituals, thoughts, feelings, dreams and more.


It is a book where witches and pagans write down spells and rituals that they might want to use later, write down thoughts and to help them remember stuff. I saw a pretty notebook in a shop once which became my book of shadows..it is leather bound and I love it but anything will do, even a spiral bound notebook. You could make some paper and bind it yourself I guess but you can also buy ones that say book of shadows on already. It is YOUR B.O.S., you can have it however you like it!


If you don’t know what it is, you don’t need it. Once you learn what it is you can determine whether you need it or not.


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