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Wicca and their celebrations in full moon, any rituals i can do?

I’m an agnostic that’s tilting more to the buddhism and wicca. For me the moon is a godess and it fills me entirely with its energy.
I wanted to know what wiccan rituals i can do to celebrate or adore the Moon . Please answer seriously!


  1. If I remember right there are some rituals that involve dancing naked around a fire.
    Kind of cold here in the Northern hemisphere for that though.
    Good luck with that!

  2. I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Any rituals I gave you would require more than an agnostic would have, so I’m starring this for my contacts.

  3. The easiest is to go outside and meditate on the moon. Since you are already feeling the power of the moon, clear your mind and just concentrate on it.

  4. find a place where you can be alone. make sure you won’t be interrupted by other people, pets, or phones. then all you need to do is sit and start meditating while focusing on the moon. make sure you and the area you are in are clean (so maybe take a bath, often called a “ritual bath” by some Wiccans). Some tools for meditation that people find helpful are candles (silver is often used to represent the Goddess), and incense. keep your mind and spirit open. you should start by getting into a calm state, one in which you can feel your heart beat throughout your entire body. then just focus on feeling the light and energy of the Moon and Goddess, and see where it takes you =D
    for more information and detailed rituals, just do a google search for “Esbat rituals” (an esbat is the full moon ritual)
    or go to your local library. books are a GREAT way to learn about Wicca

  5. In my tradition, we call the circle before performing a ritual- but if you don’t usually call the quarters you should at least smudge and purify your place of worship (& yourself!)
    As you may already know – In Wicca, the full Moon represents the Goddess in all her many aspect as Mother, full and ripe and bright. The full Moon is the moon at its greatest power and most energy.
    Here’s a ritual I used to do perform when I was solitary – you will need a bowl of water and a silver candle (I recommend the mini candles to let it burn completely out!).Adorn your altar with lunar symbols — mirrors, silver ribbons, white crystals. Feel free to substitute the names and attributes of the deities of your path in this incantation.
    · Turn to the altar, and hold your arms open wide. Tilt your head so that your face is skyward — after all, this is a celebration honoring the full moon. Say:
    Goddess of the moon, queen of the night,
    keeper of women’s mysteries, mistress of the tides,
    you who are ever changing and yet always constant,
    I ask that you guide me with your wisdom,
    help me grow with your knowlege,
    and hold me in your arms.
    At this time, light the moon candle (usually silver or white), and take a moment to reflect upon the gifts you have in your life.
    · Hold the bowl of water to the sky. Say:
    The moon is the symbol of the mother,
    and she watches over us day and night.
    She brings the changing tide, the shifting night,
    the flow that changes women’s bodies,
    and the passion of lovers to their beloved.
    Her wisdom is great and all-knowing,
    and we honor her tonight.
    Keep your watchful eyes upon us, great mother,
    until the cycle returns once more,
    and bring us to the next full moon,
    in your love and light.
    · Take a few moments to think about the things in your life which have changed in the past moon cycle. Are there people who have come into your world that you’re thankful for? Have you ended a toxic relationship? Have you experienced good fortune at work? Meditate on all the things you have to be thankful for, as well as the things you would like to see change for you by the next full moon. When you are ready, close the circle and end the ritual.
    You can continue by beginning healing rites or by celebrating with cakes and ale.
    I liked to use the moon water over the next month for watering plants, making offerings, or doing spellwork.
    Blessed Be!


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