wicca and taoism so similar? Anyone else noticed this?

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Has anyone else noticed this? I recently decided to learn about wicca and I notice a lot of it could be interpreted from a taoist perspective…example god and godess…yin yang symbol…anybody else who has studied both know about any other similarities?

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“All external faiths are a representation of the inner truth, corrupted and manipulated by man.” — Apparently.


no i do not think they are very similar


They both tend to value balance and both tend to see the Universe as forces to be put in harmony.

ψ Josh Alfred Φ

You’ll find that Taoism is similar to almost all religions, since it works with the universal conflict of forces, that human beings live, write, and die by.

magpieix A.L.M.N.

Hardly surprising. Wicca was invented by Gardner, Gardner was an associate of Crowley, Crowley’s studies included the Tao Te Ching.


They arnt. Wicca believes in deities, magic and abusing your body with tobacco and junk food.
Taoism is about improving your health externally and internally, rejection of rituals, preserving chi rather than wasting it, and not creating a religion out of it. It is also viewed as maculine since many aspects of chi and nei gung cannot be done by woman(more of a natural than sexist thing)
There is a reason Wicca is mostly insecure obese teenage girls chain smoking and wearing black. While the men into it are fat slobs who collect comic books and would still be virgins if it wasnt for some chunky wicca girl


Bullshit! What a negative, narrow minded view that neither Wicca or Taoism would condone or agree with. You need to open your narrow, judgemental mind!!


Dualism is in every religion.

The Passenger

I suspect you haven’t studied either in depth. Or you’ve had access to some very poor sources.
All religions have some similar concepts running through them because they are all spiritual beliefs. But no, Wicca and Taoism are not similar.


It’s probably because Wicca is a modern made up religion. Gerald Gardner was well aware of various religions and philosophies.


There are similarities in many beliefs. This is not unusual. By the way Wicca is also many separate paths, so what one person would believe as God and Goddess another would believe in many of both. (as from history and ancient beliefs)


I would say it is more accurate to say that Wicca and Taoism use similar symbolism, especially to the western eye


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