Wicca and Phantasms???

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I was trying to find out what Gerald Gardner said about the God and Goddess of Wicca and i found a Digital copy of his Book of Shadows on sacred-texts.com and he spoke allot about Phantasms in the “Casting the Circle” part of the BoS.
Can you tell me what a “Phantasm” is???

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Dr. Bolognaâ„¢

a ghost or a spirit. haven’t you ever seen final fantasy the spirits within? lol.


I think they’re spirits.
Haven’t followed the Gardnerian way myself. It’s too rigid for me.

yarn whore

i have never read that – thanks for piquing my interest –
phantasm – isn’t that the presence or the spectral image of a spirit being???

Jesus M

phan·tasm [fán tà zzəm]
(plural phan·tasms)
1. supposed ghost or spirit: a supposed being, e.g. a ghost or a disembodied spirit, that can be seen but does not have physical substance
2. delusion or illusion: an understanding or perception that is not based on reality
That is the meaning. Son of satan.


in this example, gardner is merely using it as a term to refer to the unwanted spirits and entities.


Best ask a Gardnerian about that. I went through Gardnerian Outer Court training many years ago, but can’t recall all the ins-and-outs of the proper definition.


Phantasm usually refer to spirits ect but being Wiccan I would assume he is speaking of clearing the circle of all negative entities and energies.
Blessed Be

LabGrrl [LabNinja]

To find out what Gardner said about the god and goddess, you need to read his books, not Aiden Kelly’s.

Leigh-Ann A

In this context, I believe that the word ‘phantasm’ is being used to refer to the energies, specifically impure or negative energies, that may be present. Cleansing and blessing an area are staples of many Wiccan ceremonies, the phrasing here is just different than many people are used to.


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