Hello, I am recieving my own binded book of shadows on Friday. (I’m ecstatic) and I was wondering if I should plan it out. That way I know where to put different sections at and so I won’t mess the book up.
Is that a good idea?
~Blessed Be!


  • Merry Meet Snow Angel,

    Realistically, if Wicca is the path you have chosen to walk you should have at least explored its practices and principles for at least one year and one day. During this time of exploration you should begin what most would call a practice “Book Of Shadows”, practice meaning one that you could make all your mistakes in also get a feeling to what one is and how its used. I suggest a three ring binder approximately two to three inches in depth. Here in this BOS you can change it around as you grow in your walk and in your understanding of the Craft. By all means buy nice fancy and/or bound books for a BOS, but if you don’t start out with a practice BOS like a three ring binder, you will get discouraged and even upset as you constantly grow in your particular path. Of course this is only my perception on the idea and use for a new BOS by a new Wiccan or Witch. I hope I have helped some.

    Blessed Be


  • A bound book of shadows is a good thing to keep your ritual scripts and so forth in. I would advise that you also keep a second book in a loose-leaf binder for recipes, spell work, interesting information about stones and herbs and healing techniques, etc. Your BOS is a continual work in progress and you will find yourself constantly adding to it.

  • If you’re going to put sections in it, I would plan LONG and HARD. You only have one shot at it (if it’s a hardbound book, not with screwposts). I have many books that are hardbound that are only half written in as I am constantly rearranging and changing my mind on how I want it set up.

    Take CAREFUL consideration as to what you want and don’t want in your book.

    My only warning
    Congrats on the new book

  • planning it out sounds like a good idea but you dont want to over estimate one section and underestimate another. Like make a section on Herbs bigger then a section on stones then have stones come before herbs and then run out of room though… its quite the conundrum, i guess it depends on how many pages are in it too, Id maybe just try and keep things together not exactly divided but keep things in common close to one another you know? Healing spells chants herbs stones and all that stuff…. idk im having the same problem 🙁

  • If you feel better having a neat orderly BOS that is fine. You don’t have to though. My BOS has no rhyme or reason to it. It is a leather journal that I added info to as it came to me.

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