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WI think it is safe to say that I have an extreme fascination with mirrors at the moment, my question is?

Please, all scientifically oriented people, bear with me during the first part of this question. Thank you.
I started having dreams of mirrors maybe 2 weeks ago. They are usually scary. However, being a very spiritual person, I realize that repetitive dreams hold a significant meaning for a person. I have been investigating this, and I have made some realizations and insight into the notion that there is more to the mirror than meets the eye…kinda like we are all (to a certain extent) mirror reflections of one another.
Now is the tricky part. I don’t know where to post this question…religion & spirituality, astronomy, or dream interpretation. I tried dream interpretation and I might try physics next, but I realize they are probably going to be just as turned off by my attempt to tie this all in together.
Does anyone have any knowledge of the significance of the mirror and the subconscious? The breaking of the ego? Does anyone have any experience or done any research on dark matter vs. anti-matter? And if this could be a mirror of the universe? Does anyone have any knowledge of the Large Hadron Collider? On CERN’s website they state that the dark matter is a mirror of the universe. I find this to have peaked my curiosity.
I know this question is convoluted and confusing, I am hungry for answers and don’t know where to ask these questions that I feel are somehow related??
wow…thank you for that answer 🙂 I still have so many questions, and its hard for me to get answers from scientific sources because I only took one year of physics and never took an astronomy class in college…so it is very hard for me to understand. I feel in my heart that my questions have merit, so the search continues 🙂
Thank you for your thoughtful response.
I feel that the people who do have extensive knowledge of the questions I am asking will dismiss the notion automatically because it is rare for a person to have dual passions (or tri passions?) of astronomy, dreams, and spirituality. However, I wish a physicist or astronomer would listen long enough to at least consider these notions.


  1. I don’t know if anyone knows the answers to these questions, but for dark matter, anti-matter etc., Wikipedia is a good place to find out more. I don’t know much myself, but dark matter is matter which we can’t observe directly, but we do sometimes observe it indirectly, so we know it’s out there and it’s one of the great mysteries of physics to find out what it is exactly and how it’s distributed across the universe.
    As for anti-matter, that’s another mystery because stuff like the CERN collider can produce one or two particles of anti-matter which almost immediately come into contact with matter and both disappear letting off a spark. Remember e=m c^2, i.e. anything with mass has the speed of light squared amount of energy in it which in theory could be released if it were to be vanished into something without mass like photons (light). But if everything has its equal and opposite there should be an equal and opposite amount of both matter and anti-matter, whereas anti-matter seems almost non-existant and that’s a very good thing, but no-one knows quite why.
    As for a mirror universe, there are some who believe that there are infinitely many parallel universes each created by a Big Bang like ours, each with different constants for speed of light, weights of particles etc. and that would explain the grand coincidence of those constants being just right for a stable environment in which life might have half a chance to evolve. Theories like evolution can’t explain why the constants of creation of the universe are just right, which is why some find the idea of infinitely many universes appealing, the reason the constants are right is then the very fact that we are here to witness it. However, there’s also a theory of there being only one universe with the constants as they are just “because” or because God made it that way. This seems unsatisfactory also…Personally, I like the idea of us living in the “slice” of that one universe where the constants are just right and perhaps they are right simply because of our consciousness of them, quantum mechanics is full of weird things where stuff is left to chance but the act of observation decides the “facts”. See for example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheeler's_delayed_choice_experiment
    Then again there are some who believe in two universes created at the Big Bang, perhaps mirrors of each other like you said. Because each is a universe, a “whole” they shouldn’t be able to interact with each other and so there would be no way of us finding out about the other one. But then perhaps there are strange ways in which we might.
    Whatever the answer, perhaps our knowledge of science and fitting the theory of the universe together will lead us to finding it, or perhaps it will be forever a mystery. But what’s for certain is that whatever discoveries are made it will only throw up new questions and show up new gaps to our knowledge. And that’s a good thing, don’t you think?

  2. WI think it is safe to say that I have an extreme fascination with mirrors at the moment, my question is?
    Please, all scientifically oriented people, bear with me during the first part of this question. Thank you.


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