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Why/How do crystals have healing benefits?


  1. It just doesn’t seem possible, right? Yet you hear about it over and over. There must be something to it, right? People I trust and love talk about it. My own grandmother told me it was true. Once, I swear, I saw the effect. My brother knows a guy who believes in this big time.
    What am I talking about?
    a. healing crystals
    b. Santa Clause
    c. UFO’s
    d. all of the above
    The correct answer if, of course, D.- as in Don’t be a sucker all your life.

  2. It’s a religious belief, some feel that it heals them, as they use their mental capacity to believe it heals.

  3. a lot of people DO believe in crystals. i think all it would take for naysayers is an open mind and the right stone…i can feel stones vibrating different energies, so i know that it is real, just as much as a christian “feels” the presence of God in church.
    rocks and minerals are from the earth, the different compositions of them allow them to emit different energies and vibes. sometimes energy of the same type of stone will vary with location, too.
    you can use crystals in a variety of ways…some people use them with reiki-energy work and chakras.
    some people use them to decorate and improve the energy in their living and working space.
    there are stones for protection and spiritual enlightenment. there are stones for health and circulation.
    some people wear stones to feel their effects all the time.
    and some people sleep with stones to enhance their dreams.
    if you have an interest in crystals, you should at least do a little research and decide what YOU think and feel about whether they work instead of going by others experiences.
    go to a metaphysical store with a selection of crystals and hold some you are attracted to. usually your receiving hand would be your left, but try both hands and see if you can feel the difference.


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