Whydo they say only time travel to the future is possible?

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I thought all dimensions were occurring at once, and time was omnipotent in all dimensions. So then we would be in both past and present, so the future hasn’t even occurred yet, so wouldn’t it be impossible to travel to the future?

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Jinchi K

Actually, the way it works is you “slow down” in your relative time compared to everyone else. This was explored in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Basically, the faster you go, your time slows down, so Earth time could pass thousands of years when you feel only 1 year of time change on yourself. However, we still have yet to develop technology to achieve this, but in theory, it works.

Luke Skywalker

To the one travelling to the future, it does not feel like it is occuring. What happens is that when you travel quickly enough, time slows down in order to ensure that, to all other inertial references, you are not travelling faster than the speed of light. So if I were to watch someone travelling at 99.9% of the speed of light for a my whole life, and then they came out to watch me die, they may have only aged 1 year. I say may because I do not feel like actually calculating how much they have aged. You can however, if you study relativity.
Hope this helped.


Because what you thought is nonsense.


Time Travel into the future is possible. If Free Will exists, then time travel into the past is not possible.
Two Time Machines for travel into the future:
Type 1
Build a space ship capable of near light speed. Put it into a long orbit like a comet that returns to earth every 100 years. Get in the ship and blast off. When you return you will have aged a few years and be 100 years into the earth’s future.
Type 2
Build a space station in near orbit to a Black Hole. As long as you are in the space station you age very slowly. When you leave you could be 100s of years in the future.
Special and General Relativity makes either of these possible. The science is solid, the engineering will take some work.

Delta V

I liked Jinchi K’s answer about relativity and time travel.
As for actual time travel…the main reason it’s thought that travel into the past isn’t allowed is that doing so would open up the possibility of glaring paradoxes, like the one you’ve maybe heard of about how you go back in time and kill your grandfather, therefore you would never exist to travel back in time.
You’re thoughts about the very nature of time are good too. Truth is, we really don’t totally understand the nature of time. Einstein showed us that time is not a *natural* feature of the universe, i.e., there’s no Cosmic Master Clock that ticks off the correct time for the entire universe.


You’re time travelling to the future right now. At a rate of around 1 second per second.


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