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Why would you want to be reincarnated?

What purpose would it serve? Aside from some that believe in past life regression which you still can not simply call upon, all of the past life experiences are lost. You gain nothing. Again, and again you would fall into the same traps in life and suffer the same indignation’s surrounding death.
I find it to be illogical, and preposterous on both the spiritual and intellectual level.


  1. Spiritual growth.
    Past life regression (like you said).
    Because a person may not have gotten it right the first time and it’s the only way to not be damned.
    There’s a lot of different reasons people have for wanting to be reincarnated.

  2. I like to think I would get a better body the next time around,the one I have now is made of spare parts. To see how other people’s bodies work.

  3. Well, my friends who are believers in it feel that in each life, we work at avoiding the spiritual traps in life and each time become a purer soul. If we don’t do that soul work, we can regress.
    I don’t want reincarnation to be true just because the thought of going through puberty 100 times is horrific.

  4. ya… and ya! preposterous and illogical… and also, how would we ever know if that plant was you or me…?I read up on this and truly reincarnation, means you could come back as an ant, an animal, a plant! Even a chair… so, that seems a little much, even though I dearly love my friends who do believe in these systems, I can’t!
    Kar~n` Joy~c
    i just don’t see som~thin~… I guess! Lord love ya! :))

  5. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but If I did I would want to come back when deer season opened and kill some more deer. LOL JK Blessings to ya

  6. I definitely agree with you. I was even thinking about this myself a while ago when someone on here asked if you would either go to heaven, hell, or get reincarnated. I would never get reincarnated. Let’s all be honest here, life is always full of suffering no matter what you do or how far you go. To really think that every living soul on earth would repeat an endless cycle of suffering is pointless. No thanks, I choose heaven, where I can ultimately spend an eternity with my creator.

  7. reincarnation is about as preposterous as being judged eternally for what happens “in the blink of an eye”
    many who believe in reincarnation also believe one does carry some knowledge from past lives… even if that only shows in “wisdom”. ever heard of an “old soul”?


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