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Why would someone want to astral project?

Is it for fun? Is it somehow helpful? If so, how? What are the benefits of astral projection? Are there any disadvantages when someone astral projects? I’m just curious about this stuff, hope someone out there can help. Answer pls people who really know the topic only. No silly comments.Thanx in advance folks!


  1. astral projection is the temporary separation of the body and soul, you can go anywhere with no limitations, but you have to make sure your life line back to your body doesnt get snapped or you are dead. also when your soul is gone from your body, your heart can stop beating so the safest amount of time you can be away from your body is about 2 minutes, and astral projection makes your body vacant and vulnerable to possession by other spirits and if one of them goes in, it’s hard to get them out, if it is possible at all

  2. Astral projection is sometimes used for religious reasons. I’m guessing that you are referring to astral projection in this world? Then, I can’t tell you much. But if you are talking about astral projection on the astral plane, then I can sort of help you. It’s difficult for me to explain. It’s like a “Dream World”. Many things don’t makes sense and there are no laws that are constant like physics in our world. Astral projection can allow you contact with the other plane, and some people choose to “divine truths” from the other world through meditation. Astral projection is different for every person. Sometimes bad stuff happens when you are over there, similar to a nightmare. You can seriously mess up your chakras if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  3. Personally, I can not control. It is not something I consciously wanted, it has just happened to me for many years now. I learned to accept and enjoy it.

  4. Well why not? It can be for fun. It can be helpful to understand so many things in life. Your learning potential is unlimited. You can travel inter-dimensionally & communicate with other beings. You can travel into the past, present, & future. You can learn more about your true self. You can see your past lives. You can pretty much do anything you can imagine. Astral projection is a very valuable ability. It is one of the most important & exciting things in evolution.
    There isn’t really many disadvantages to astral projection. Well you can be frightened & deceived but nothing really that bad, you are safe. You may be mislead by spirits. If someone is mentally unstable already it could be harmful to them as well.
    Also to Future US Army, 2011 – I mean no offense to you but literally every single thing you just said is completely inaccurate.
    1) Astral projection is not the temporary separation of the body & soul. It is the astral body that separates not the soul. The soul & the astral body are 2 different things. The astral body is just another vehicle for consciousness to utilize like this human body.
    2) There are limitations to where you can go. Although you have far more freedom with the astral body, there are places you cannot access until you are more spiritually developed.
    3) Your life line; the silver cord that supposedly connects your astral body with your physical body does not actually exist. It is a common misconception. The cord does not exist, it is merely a metaphor for the connection between the 2 body’s. There is still a connection between them but no actual cord. It can help to visualize the cord for AP but it is really just a metaphor that occasionally mistakenly gets taken literally.
    4) You cannot die in the astral realms. Your astral body is immortal, it cannot die. You consciousness will always return to this waking life.
    5) Your soul does not leave your body so it is not vacant nor vulnerable to possession by other spirits.
    6) Your heart will not stop beating during astral projection either, guaranteed.
    7) You can be away from your body for far more than 2 minutes. I am living proof. There is no reason why you can’t be.
    8) If a spirit did possess you in some other way you can remove it you just got to know how.
    Again no offense dude, but I just had to simply point that out.

  5. @future US army that’s sounds like from the movie called insiduos.
    dude that is not real
    in astral projection you can travel anywhere you like and how long you like. it’s true that there are bad spirits that will scare you but there is one thing that i am sure….THEY CAN NEVER HARM YOU.
    love and peace


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