why would it be wrong if we as a humanity destroy the planet?





i have always been interested in environmental issues, i worry often about the state of the world, all the bad things that happen in the world, wars, destruction, unlimited capitalism… to say it simply i feel often angry and sad because of these things and i wonder why not more people revolt against this. but recently i try taking different points of views, i wonder now why it would be bad if we destroy everything… i wonder why some people feel bad about this and others don’t care… is this because of a higher consciousness or is it because of a sense of projection of inner feelings onto the outer world… i also wonder if the earth has it’s own agenda. maybe its destruction (diminishing of species etc…) is part of the evolution… do you think destruction of the environment are a necessary aspect of evolution of the earth, humankind??


  1. the earth was made for paradise conditions so all could live in a paradise on earth. It wasn’t made for it to be destroyed. God will answer to those destroying the earth. Read Isaiah 45:18 and Psalm 37:29 and Ecclesiastes 1:4

  2. The world is not human society. We are polluting and destroying the bases of our lives, but the world will continue. There may be far fewer humans in 200 years. There may not be a “civilization” in 200 years, but those are the breaks when your power exceeds your wisdom.
    If you want to continue to be spinning in your mental exercise wheel, stay with this binary thought pattern.
    All your statements are true for any number of people, and not true for others. Remember the bell curve?
    If you care about the world, open your own mind to the sources of the delusions that are creating the problems.

  3. all these BAD things in our planet is the product of evolution.
    earth is going to DIE because of us.
    humankind CAN prevent the world from precocious destruction.

  4. Earth is a perception of human beings.
    What we call earth is a mass of elements and elements can not be destroyed only transformed into other forms.
    It is there fore we that are destroying our own perceptions. That we do all the time and have done so since we came in to being.
    So what you ask is irrelevant as it is the nature of the beast.

  5. There is a theory called “action and effect theory”.
    For every action there is an effect. Some actions produce good results and some bad results. Wars and destruction cause lot of misery and hardship to the mankind. Destroying every thing creates agony, blood shed, imbalance in Eco system and ultimate ruin.
    Destruction has nothing to do with evolution. Most of the natural calamities are also man made.
    Good and bad have definite meanings based on end effects and if we are here for the good of humanity, we have to necessarily follow good principles of life to live and let live happily.

  6. yeah.. mankind are like virus…
    other species make mutual relation with mother earth…
    when you’re frustrated.. you might think.. destruction is somehow necessary..

  7. It will never happen. The Bible promises the earth will remain here forever. It will never be destroyed. The Bible also says those who ruin the earth will be brought to ruin.

  8. It makes sense to me that the world on an evolutionary line would create only to destroy itself. Nature does this most every way, from the universe growing till it collapses, from ice ages creating too much heat and melting it all, to evolution making more complex animals till they become so complex they kill everything, and only the simplest survive.
    Most people don’t think we’ll destroy everything, only the big stuff including us. But for every thing we destroy, it leaves gaps in the evoirment to be filled by something else… which most likely will happen in the next couple of million years.

  9. I don’t think people really think that it would be a GOOD thing… I think it’s more of a lack of caring on their part. They would rather continue with their way of life–driving around in their Hummers, shopping at Walmart, watering their lawns during a drought, support pres Bush–than put forth the effort to change.
    Apathy is what it is. Sad, isn’t it?

  10. no, i don’t think ‘destruction of the environment’ is part of humanity, but apathy is.
    yes, a lot of people ‘worry’ and are ‘saddened’ about these events. however, how many people actually get off their seats and put a least bit effort to do something?
    Contact politicians, go on protests, become a politician, make a petition…..
    Let’s ask yourself that question.
    Not trying to make anyone feel guilty, just trying to answer your question. Apathy is in all of us.

  11. I think the mistake is to assume there is a master plan or a master morality. It would be bad for US, if we destroyed ourselves, and unfortunate if we destroyed other species as well, but it’s bad too when a shark eats us or we eat a shark. Nature is full of creation and destruction, with apparent utter disregard for any particular creature’s wishes. So I’d say yes it’s a disaster if we damage ourselves, but it’s only a disaster to US and so we better get busy fixing it – or not – if we don’t, it will be only we who populate the earth who feel the impact.

  12. The material reality is a tool. Lessons need to be learnt and the material reality is the screen that we project these lessons on to.
    When the course is over, neither the screen nor the projector will have any further usefulness.
    love and blessings Don

  13. I think of it as humans being a cancer on the Earth. Right now the Earth is fighting against the ravages of that cancer, but at some crucial point, the Earth will succumb.

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