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Why would an athiest have such a perfect aura?

In my personal experence, and what I have heard. People with golden halos in thier auras are very spiritually advanced.
My cousin, who is an athiest has a perfect radiating clear green aura without any other colors and a medium sized gold halo.
Whats up with that?
For all of you that have been asking how I see his aura.
When I was very young I was able to see auras, then I lost touch with God…..
Or spirituallity, To be more politically correct.
After that I couldn’t see them, but then found it again, and was able to see auras.
I have noticed that peoples auras have more to do with thier spiritualitty than thier chakras. Chakras are more of a personal feeling than somthing psychics can see. Chakras are an entirely different subject, although they do intertwine in some areas.
I have noticed that only the spiriutually advanced have halos, those with close relationships with some form of spiriutuallity have them, usually only a silver or white halo. How could sombody with no belif in any spiriutually, have a gold halo?


  1. Gee, I guess he must know and understand something you don’t.
    Ask him if he believes in aura and parapsychology. If he doesn’t, perhaps you will have gained some insight.
    Anf this “seeing aura” thing might be from you frying your brain cells with the drugs you used to take (I looked at your other past questions, you were a substance user…)

  2. It’s not about what we “believe”, it’s about the person we are. How we live our life, the integrity and morality we live by is more important than aligning with any spiritual or religious belief.
    All religions start off with strong alignment to behaviour. Jesus said be humble, be meek, turn the other cheek, strive to be perfect like the Father. Along the way religion loses the emphasis on personal morality and becomes bogged down with dogma and social rules not moral behaviour.
    Personal dignity is more an affirmation of integrity than any spiritual or religious “belief”.

  3. Is there a co relation between him being an atheist and him not being a good person that deserves “a clear green aura”?
    Maybe if there are supernatural forces, some of them want good decent empowered atheists!
    It’s people of faith and superstition whom I see making rationalizations for the many abuses present in all religions and supernatural belief systems. I them mildly making excuses for sociopaths if the sociopath shares the same basic belief system!
    The people whom are the most vocal about these abuse are atheists.
    The people whom point out the genocide committed by the Old Testament “God” are atheists.
    If you created our world and wished to inject sanity and reason into followers who can turn into sociopaths, wouldn’t you want atheists there as a counterbalance?

  4. R U sure U used a krilinean photo. Thiest or athiest you have 7 vortexes (chakras) in your spinal coloumn. Each vortex has it’s own color. basic is red, heart is green….—the developed chakra’s color is exposed

  5. So many answer your question as if it’s not nonsense.There is no evidence scientifically or otherwise for aura’s or halo’s.Respectfully I say it’s silly.

  6. How are you measuring peoples auras? I am very curous. Do you actually see an aura over peoples heads? Please elaborate on how you know this.

  7. Do you honestly believe you can see a colorful cloud surrounding someone? Have you been struck on the head with a blunt object recently?
    The credulity of some of these answers is puzzling. Are there really that many people in the world who believe in this sort of thing? It seems completely insane.

  8. how do you see or detect an aura? I’m not bashing you I’m just really curious. Maybe the aura that you have detected has nothing to do with spirituality but confidence in their beliefs. Very spiritual people are very confident in their belief in god. Most people who claim to be atheist or agnostic are totally confused in what they believe. Maybe this confusion changes an aura and causes some turbulence. She knows what she believes (or doesn’t) and is at peace with it. I don’t know much about auras or even know if I believe they are real but this is just an educated guess with the assumption that they are real.
    * Edit* you know I tried to have an open mind at first but after reading everything I have to agree with Peterd – This sounds ridiculous. Maybe see an eye doctor, I don’t think you are supposed to be seeing colored halos around people.

  9. I truly believe your statement of a ‘perfect aura’ is completely subjective…there is no such thing as a perfect aura; just as there is no such thing as a perfect human.
    The closest I’ve come to seeing a “golden halo” is a yellow band across the head which is generally indicative of a lot of mental activity; that they are logical, analytical, like to figure crap out, etc.
    It is also my understanding that those people who are “spiritually advanced” tend to have a huge amount of dark purple/violet.

  10. Every substance in the universe has a radiation or aura .
    (whether you are an atheist or not)
    Pythagoras said, “that every human being has a light radiating from them that reflects their current state of mind.”
    Here’s what the color means;
    Green is a healing and relaxing colour and reveals that a person is being healed or is healing some one. If the green is tinged with yellow it shows a bit of deceit.

  11. Because Atheist are perfect people. You don’t believe that just ask one of them. They will be glad to tell you how perfect they are.

  12. I don’t think that disbelief in an entity (which no one has proof exists) measures the level of spirituality in a person.
    I suppose your cousin may be evidence that the association between “god” and spirituality could be non-existent after all.
    Perhaps people assume that “god” is the source of spirituality when it might simply be an innate part of us, which some people have tapped into and others have not.
    Being atheist doesn’t make a person less spiritual, it only means he or she does not believe in a fictional character created by man, is all.
    There are many atheists who are spiritually sensitive, who meditate, study and engage in esoteric practices and the metaphysical world without attaching it to a god.

  13. Auras have nothing to do with religion. Auras are bio-cosmic energy that surrounds everything. It is a physical energy just like light and electricity. It is the energy that operates the body. Incidentally, I am an athiest.


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