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"Why won't you sleep over?" how do I get them to leave me alone about it?

if i say i don’t like sleeping over, for just that reason, i don’t like sleeping places that aren’t my bed, why would my friends keep bugging me about it? one of them is convinced i was molested or something at a sleepover and has made it her mission in life to find out. she stops nowhere, asks my parents, even CALLED my mom asking if there was some reason i wouldn’t sleepover. after i told her i had no problems, i just didn’t like sleeping over!
ok i’m derailing, my friends are having a party this weekend, complete with a sleepover. i’ll party and whatnot, but i’m coming home and sleeping. now this friend (the mom calling one) won’t stop bugging me about it, and has gotten some of my other friends in on it too. they won’t stop! they constantly bring it up. i’ve told them a million times that i simply do not like sleeping over at other peoples houses. i don’t see the fun in sleeping on a floor in a sleeping bag that hasn’t been washed since 1999 listening to other people fart and snore when i could be in my own bed, sleeping blissfully amongst my soft blankets with my zen meditation music playing in the background.
so my question: how do i get them to shut up about it? should i make up a reason or yell at them or something? they’re so annoying! (sorry for going on and on, i’m rather annoyed)
notes: the friend who called my mom wasn’t being concerned, she was being nosy and obnoxious. she’s also pissed me off via multiple things in the past. won’t get into them but the list is LONG.
and i’m not going to suck it up and sleepover. no thanks.
i’ve been to a lot of sleepovers before. i’ve had my fun.


  1. Your friends don’t understand that it is your decision to choose what you want to do, and if you don’t want to sleepover then you shouldn’t have to. You need to tell your friends this and it should help them lighten up on the situation. You can also mention things such as them bugging you, calling your mom, etc. aren’t making matters better and they are just bothering you and making you want to sleepover Less.
    As for your very last sentence in the Additional Details… I’m not hear to force you or say you have to go, but I will admit that a sleepover is one of the many experiences a young teenager should have at least once in her lifetime. However ultimately it is your decision, and I (and your friends) should respect that.

  2. Honestly, tell them straight. Tell them that you don’t sleep comfortably at other people’s houses.
    If that doesn’t work, bite the bullet and go to sleepover. It’s called taking one for the team.

  3. tell them to drop the subject. i don’t like sleeping over at other peoples’ houses either. its really none of their business. your friend seems really annoying. and if they still question, just forget them; leave the party and go sleep in your bed!

  4. I hate it too. Tried it when I was 7, not much fun. Tell them you sleep walk and you dream about weapons (especially knives) and you tend to pick them up and accidentally throw them or drop them when you sleep walk if you aren’t in your own house. they might not believe you, though. try practicing a little in the mirror or something if you’re a bad liar.

  5. Seems like they would of gotten in the second or third time but a million. Mabe they are hard of hearing? What was that one hearing aid comercail? Now you see it… Now you dont. Being home in my own bed listening to zen meditation music. Thats what im talking about.

  6. I would punch that girl in the face!!
    Well not literally.. Well maybe…… But it happens to me too not about the calling my mom and molested stuff but my friend always ask for me to sleep over and I always make up an excuse and I also told her that I had a nose prob (which is true) and she still asks and she is the kind of girl that if she dosent get her way then she like yells and will just be very obnoxious….. It’s like she is being selfcentered always caring about herself.. But I did end up sleepin over one night and I couldn’t fall asleep but the I played my iPod for a while then ended up going to sleep..


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