Home Discussion Forum Why won't Yahoo! answers appeal this?

Why won't Yahoo! answers appeal this?

My appeal:
My question was “How can I develop my pineal gland?”
Somebody answered the question with a non-answer and bragged about the two points he or she got by doing so. I added to my details “Please
report that dumb answer.” I’m assuming that out of rage and
immaturity the person that violated the guidelines in the first-place
reported my question.
I did report the answer. Apparently people side with idiots.


  1. If you’ve already appealed the violation and Customer Care denied it, that’s the end of the line. Remember this is their final word it. You have no further recourse in this matter, so the best thing you should do is just let the whole thing go. Accept your punishment and move on.
    As for what you posted in the question, you insulted another user. That violation warranted its deletion as a result of your actions. So the wisest thing you should have done was report this violation to the Answers Team instead of adding more details to the question to agitate another user. They-along with Customer Care-would take care of the problem from there. That should get you to be more mindful on how you speak to other users here.

  2. At one time you would have been allowed a 2nd appeal. But it was taking too much time for the Yahoo employees. So you only get one appeal.
    Click on Forum at the left side if the Y!A Home Page. Read the post “How to win an appeal”. If you had read that first, you might have won your appeal.
    You can also post your problem on the Forum and you will get excellent advice from the community. If the answer was “dumb” you weren’t lying when you said that. YOu are not supposed to insult anyone, though.

  3. You should have reported that dumb answer. The moment you added that to your question you created two violations. One for chat and one for targeting another users. He started it is not an acceptable excuse in the adult world


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