Home Discussion Forum Why won't anybody acknowledge that David Tyree's (supposedly catch) hit the turf?

Why won't anybody acknowledge that David Tyree's (supposedly catch) hit the turf?

The ball that David Tyree (supposedly caught) hit the ground and no one wants to acknowledge it!! Fox, Buck, and Aikman failed to inquire for a better look! I have a 100″ HD screen and slowly advanced frame and saw the tip hit turf. It’s clear and not something you can see on Youtube. Karma for the Tuck rule? Did he have possesion before it hit? I’m not a crying Patriot fan and am not a fan of either teams, but am amazed how people don’t care about the greatest misjustice in instant replay under the 2 minute rule. For the sanctity of the NFL, I demand an explanation from the league!


  1. he still had full possesion of the ball… it wasn’t loose in his hands and it didn’t bounce off the ground…. as long as he was in control it doesn’t matter if it touched the ground

  2. You are the first person I’ve heard to say that wasn’t a catch. If the play needed to be reviewed it would have. I saw it as an amazing play

  3. Who cares if it did or not? The game is over and the Giants won…I thought it hit the turf in real time but in slow-mo it was inconclusive at best…at this point the best thing to do is acknowledge…and move on.

  4. He had control of it, it was in both hands. So it is still a legal catch because he was down and in control of the ball when it touched the turf.

  5. Because it didn’t!
    Plus, if it did, the rule is it CAN hit the ground if you maintain control.
    Also, if there was question about the catch, BelliCHEAT would’ve thrown the flag.
    You’re reaching…must be a BITTER Patriots fan.

  6. It hit the ground but Tyree already had control of the ball and it is the job of the refs to make a judgment call and I would have called it a catch myself. Brady had already tucked the ball, it was clearly a fumble, the NFL does’nt like Al Davis.

  7. I have forwarded your demands to Roger Goodell. He will be acting on this immediately. He told me so himself. Thanks for pointing this out. Trust me, if Rog sees what you saw then he will order both teams back on the field as soon as possible for the do-over you so badly wish you could get.

  8. Bellicheck or officials would have challenged it if there was the SLIGHTEST chance that it would have been overturned.
    agree with mrs Eli Manning (again)
    if that were a possibility, not a sportscaster would have submitted the ?: was it greatest catch in SB history?
    don’t know about that 1 though-different ?
    do agree with cobra on the Brady fumble,IMO

  9. Not even close dude, its an obvious catch. Ive see it about 10 times, and there is nothing to review, and I only have a 10 inch black and white TV, with rabbit ears that sits on top of my 120 foot Yacht, jackass.

  10. The ball can hit the ground if the player has control of the ball. I think that David Tryee had control of the ball (enough control) so the booth didn’t take another look at it. Instant replay inside of 2 minutes needs to be changed.

  11. You are the first person that I’ve herd question if it was a catch. If the Pats had thought it had hit the ground, Bill would have called a time out to give the officials a chance to look at it closer. I looked at several times also with my LDC HDTV, and the ball never touched the ground.

  12. The ball can touch the ground assclown! As long as the receiver maintained possession and the ball did not get jarred loose when it hit the ground. If the ball could never touch the ground, football would look a lot different. The ball carrier would always be running toward the sideline with the ball raised above his head trying to defy gravity. Stop forwarding and reversing frames and read the rules.

  13. Will they acknowledge Tuck was a fumble get outta here!Refs,got it right in Superbowl XLII,and if you say this is karma for the Tuck Rule then then Justice has been served! “18-1*”!

  14. sorry, my TV is only 13″. i didn’t really get a good look because when i tried moving closer to the TV, the picture gets really distorted.

  15. I guess my TV is too small — I only have a 48″ HD. On my TV it appears that maybe the ball grazed the ground slightly or maybe it didn’t. It also could have slightly grazed Harrison’s shoe.
    Regardless, Tyree had the ball firmly in his two hands and he clearly did not use the ground to secure the catch.
    Rule 3, Section 2, Article 7 It is a catch if in the process of attempting to catch the ball, a player secures control of the ball prior to the ball touching the ground and that control is maintained after the ball has touched the ground.

  16. I may be a bit late about this but its been sticking with me for the same reason its stayed with a lot of fans. The ball without question touched the ground the red field paint even changes color where the tip hit. What the possession rule is I’m not sure but they should have reviewed it upstairs. I don’t think BB called a time out because it would have stopped the clock. That might also be why they didn’t check upstairs. Doesn’t matter now im just sick of this greatest catch/play BS!! Luckiest absolutely!! LMAO Im one for letting them play but that last play should have had flags flying all over. Holding/hands to the face/incomplete pass etc. I will be surprised if the giant make the playoffs next year.

  17. It didn’t hit the ground, you moron. And if it did, it’s still a catch. He had possession of the ball. He had both hands wrapped around it. And if you have possession, the ball can most certainly hit the ground. Get over it, loser. BTW, I am not a Giants fan.


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