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Why were there no monotheist prophets in the Far East?

The far east (China, even India and Central Asia) seems to have few if any prophets who taught of God’s monotheism.
They instead seemed focused on shamanism/nature worship, good ethics (confucianism), and promoting peace with absolutely no excuse for violence towards others in religion’s name (buddhism).
Did God refuse to send any prophets there? Did God send them prophets but didn’t give them the strength to wipe out all other religions the way He did in the middle-east and Europe?


  1. Have you ever thought that maybe your version of religion is no better than any other kind. Maybe monotheism is not the truth or whole truth. That you are only what you are because of the culture and parents you had. Maybe prophets weren’t needed to teach the people there the lessons that needed to be learned in order to survive and be spiritual.

  2. Their monotheistic message was not accepted there, and it was easier to get locals to believe it than to travel 3000 miles and try to convert where another religion was dominant, think about it.

  3. By God I assume you mean Jehovah. Theres no surprise that the worship of Jehovah couldn’t spread from the world of antiquity in which it evolved.
    Jehovah (Yahweh) was a Canaanite deity whose worshipers had monotheistic tendencies.
    Monotheism is a revision of Polytheism, as is Nontheism .
    We have Monotheism in the West, in the form of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity & Islam. They have Nontheism in the East, in the form of Buddhism & Jainism.

  4. Eastern Religions such as Buddhism don’t feel the need to wipe out other religions. Buddhism doesn’t even have a god to teach about. The take one moment at a time, and simply appreciate everything that they do, every second of every day. They make no distinction between work and play. And they don’t really need to launch a religious campaign in order to gain converts, because that doesn’t really matter in the end. They gain converts one way or the other though, and it is because they live the kind of lives, and they spread the sort of messages that inspire people. They live peaceful lives that others see, and want to emulate, so those people look into the religion. Or alternatively, rather than looking into the religion, many choose to simply adapt their way of thinking: which would be the study of zen philosophy, and that breeds a mental state that anyone could profit from regardless of their belief system.

  5. How do we know the men that are called prophets of that which man calls “God” are of “God’? For all we know these could be prophet for profit. The whole prophet of god concept started with the advent of an Iranian religion called Zoroastrianism. Zarathustra is the patriarch that is said to be the archetype of the concept of “God” bestowing knowledge on one human for all human being to follows. Zarathustra was the first person to declare all other religions to be evil and false. Only he had the true word and message of “god” for all of mankind.
    Far Eastern religion is more spirituality than religion. Much like that of Ancient Egyptians spiritualist value universal harmony and balance and spiritual growth and enlightenment. They value themselves as part of a much larger picture. In contrast the religions born out of the Persian Gulf gulf religion are philosophically narrow, intolerant and subjugating. They also espouse the dualist philosophy of a god separate from his creation with complete volition accountable to no one.
    So we see the “god” concept we have become familiar with is nothing more than a fabrication of men preying upon the insecurities of people seeking spirituality but being feed religion for political gain. In words many will understand “God” is to big to be put into a box/book and carried around like a talisman. “God” didn’t send prophets to the Far East because the “God” that makes prophet is a figment to someone’s imagination. The infinite can not take all the is infinite without become infinite. We are almost an infinity away from infinity.

  6. According to Muslim faith God Almighty sent about 124000 Messengers and Prophets towards different nations, in different time, at different places.
    I as Muslim Personally believe that Budha and Krishna were also a Prophet or Messenger from God Almighty, But I can not say authentically because it is not mentioned by name.
    And people gave them divinity status due to ignorance anddiviation from original teachings. Just like some people think Prophet Jesus was also God, or Son of God, or Both, or some thing in between.
    In Holy Qura’n there are 24 / 25 names mentioned ( including Prophet Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus, pbu them all) for Messengers and Prophets, but it is said God Almighty sent more Messengers and Prophets towards humanity for guidance.


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