• 1. I actually keep wondering how it was possible to found this church in America in that time!
    2. Read the book again. You need to set it in more… But then read something else… So you don’t become indoctrinated like the rest of them.

    I’ll leave you some links to have fun with…

  • LaVey strongly disagreed with all the religions and was simutaneously strongly atheist, but still believed people did need some form of religion and religious ceremonies where each was aware of it, but indulged.

    From “The Satanic Bible”

    “Satanism is based on a very sound philosophy” say the emancipated. “But why call it Satanism? Why not call it something like ‘Humanism’ or a name that would have the connotation of a witchcraft group, something a little more esoteric–something less blatant.” There is more than one reason for this. Humanism is not a religion. It is simply a way of life with no ceremony or dogma. Satanism has both ceremony and dogma.”
    Anton Szandor LaVey,

  • “I knew that the Christian Church thrives on hypocrisy, and that man’s carnal nature will out!” – Anton Szandor LaVey – 1969

  • I’m not one of his followers (I’m Buddhist) but look on Wiki, he has a long article there that outlines his history and that of his church.

  • For LaVeyan Satanists. Why should I give you quotes? are you trying to use them against us or be a poser satanist?

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