Home Discussion Forum Why was Taoism so influential on Chinese art?

Why was Taoism so influential on Chinese art?

Specific please. Not just because people liked it a lot. Thank you.


  1. Because Taoism is a belief which came from Chinese knowledge just as Buddhism merged from Hinduism. Same deities described by different tribes.

  2. Well tao means “the way,” thus forming Taoism…the way is basically ying and yang and in art, you will always find ying and yang, good and bad, light paint colors and dark paint colors…so that’s why many Asian artists in the day would get influenced by Taoism.

  3. The same reason Christianity was so influential in European art. Taoism played an important role [and probably still does for certain groups out these] in Chinese culture so it would kinda make sense that it would have a part in their artwork.


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