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Why was reincarnation a form of social control?

back when many people believed in reincarnation many people were said to die but if they did something wrong during there life they would be reborn as a peasent and if you did something veary good you would be reborn as a king or a land owner.
please help with this one question it is the only thing i can not figure out!!!!!!


  1. Reincarnation is not a form of social control, telling people that they are going to hell if they do not believe this or that is a form of social control. Reincarnation is a beautiful idea where we have the chance over lifetimes to spiritually better ourselves.

  2. lets see
    establishment say to proles, be good, you come back one of us, be bad, you come back a worm.
    yes, it’s a form of social control, everything is, what we’re doing now is.

  3. Reincarnation is portrayed by some in the West as something normal or even as desirable but according to Buddhists and Hindus it is actually bad news. Their goal is to find true peace (nirvana) by escaping from the process of reincarnation.
    Buddhists believe that all rebirth into this world tends to ill not to ease, eg Buddhists can receive an unfavorable reincarnation if they have ever knowingly told a lie. Meditation and yoga are methods of trying to avoid reincarnation.

  4. i’ve never heard that before. i’ve always believed that we come back to work on things we still need to learn. when we’ve learned everything we need to know we move on.
    my thoughts.

  5. Primitive, uneducated minds established every popular religion still existing today. Just because a religion survives for a couple thousand years doesn’t mean it has the answers to the meaning of life. Buddhism and Hinduism are flawed, just as Christianity, Islam and Judaism are, because they were founded on superstition and ignorance rather than truth. But even so, the idea that Indians hate the idea of reincarnation is nonsense: As Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Reincarnation contains a most comforting explanation of reality by means of which Indian thought surmounts difficulties which baffle the thinkers of Europe.”
    Reincarnation is fact!! – but it’s not about rewards and punishment.
    It’s about progressing through life experiences that teach us things.
    It’s all about learning, becoming enlightened.
    So called “bad” karma is meant to enlighten and teach – not to punish.
    We choose our own karma. We decide which challenges we want to face, what obstacles we want to overcome, which lessons we need to learn in order to move closer to perfection.


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