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Why was I drawn to a Chevron Amethyst wand?

I am a 23 yr old female with 2 young children. I started to gather info about the layers of existence about 5 yrs ago. Recently, I went to my local crystal store to get a Golden Topaz, but I was drawn to a beautiful Chevron Amethyst wand. I purchased it and I love it. When Michael Jackson died, I was shocked like the rest of the world, but the past 2 weeks I have been bothered by the fact that he is gone and still completely mis-understood. I have also become VERY sensitive to any wrong or mis-guided human and intentions, and I become physically sick with headaches until I remove myself from the situation. I just need help clarifying these feelings, and how to handle it. By the way, I love the strength of this crystal, but I am not sure I am ready for the power at my age and maturity, it’s a little scary. Thanks!


  1. crystals are mineral deposits: they don’t have any supernatural power. Salt is a crystal, but you don’t see people running around hexing each other with salt.
    In summation- Crystals:
    Nice looking? yes. Full of “power” ? nope.

  2. If you were born in February, Amethyst would be your birthstone. If you weren’t born in February, I can’t tell you why you’re attracted to it. Purple is the color of royalty.
    As for you, Mel. Salt does have a magical property as it repels spirits and bad luck. That’s why you throw salt over you shoulder when you knock it over. I don’t know who does that anymore though.
    Since we’re talking about minerals, did you know snow flakes are considered a mineral? It’s true.
    I’m full of useless information… sad, huh.

  3. When seeking a crystal you are often drawn to the one you need not the one you like. You will become used to the power of your crystal. Age has nothing to do with it but maturity can


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