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Why was I able to see auras as a child?

When I was a child I could see auras around EVERYONE. Now that I’m older I can’t see them anymore. I also saw a couple ghosts as a child, not anymore (not that I want to!). I know people say that children are “sensitive”, and adults learn to block things out that aren’t “real”. But I’d love to be able to see auras again. Anyone know how to regress back to retrieve that sensitivity without bringing back any unwanted “gifts”??


  1. Auras and ghosts are real. Children can see them, while most adults cannot, because children have a stronger psychic sense, which helps them earlier on in life.
    You could try to train your psychic sense, but that can take years, and it’s much easier if you’ve been training it since you were a young child. Even with training, you may never regain that sense.
    I wish you luck, though.

  2. CooL!!!
    You should check out my 360* page. I posted a picture of myself and it looks as if there’s an aura around my head.
    I must be a saint!!!!

  3. Children seem to be much more open to such things — partly because they haven’t been convinced yet that they can’t or shouldn’t do such things.
    And with all due respect, your last sentence is the give-away: You still think there’s something slightly “dangerous” and frightening about such gifts.
    They’re a packaged “deal”, ysee – Either you beleive in and accept that these things are perfectly natural and normal, or you fear and suspect them.
    Blessings —

  4. your brain automatically over time learns to place your senses in order of use. as we become oriented to the world around us we increase the use and practice using those senses that help us make our way through that world.
    to re establish your subtle awareness you would first need to let go of the idea that you want to see this and not that. as it were. if you allow your sensing to expand it will sense everything on the level you are feeling into. you can however ignore anything you are not interested in.
    ignoring is the process which we believe is a loss of skill in this direction, otherwise known as being open, the truth is we ignore what we don’t need to know.
    as an example if you put perfume on you can smell it for a time and then you can’t. the smell has not disappeared but its continued presence can interfere with your ability to smell something you may need to smell. so your brain, cleverly diverts its attention and quite literally files that smell onto the back burner as unimportant, you have not stopped being able to smell it, and if you wanted to you could bring your attention back to it and smell it again. try it.


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