Why was beethoven such a huge influence in the Age of Enlightenment?

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My sister needs help with a paper due in a few days about Beethoven’s contributions to the age of enlightenment. She already gathered information, but is just wondering if she left anything out.
thanks in advance 🙂

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First off, Beethoven became deaf and used the services of a woman to assist him in writing his works. He was unorganized and she helped him by categorizing his manuscripts. Secondly, his works could not be heard by him and in later years his melodies were not understood or accepted by the factions of his time. It was unfortunate that he was not able to hear his own compositions, but they at this time are known as works of art.


The Enlightenment was also a profoundly cosmopolitan and antinationalistic movement with representatives in numerous other countries. Kant as well as Christian von Wolff and Gotthold Lessing in Germany, Hume in Scotland, Cesare Beccaria in Italy, and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in the American colonies all maintained close contacts with the French philosophes but were important contributors to the movement in their own right. The Enlightenment affected every sphere of culture, not simply philosophy. Composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven imbued their respective operas, The Magic Flute (1791) and Fidelio (1814), with the spirit of the Enlightenment. In Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio, it is the Turkish pasha who expresses Enlightenment views when he refuses to avenge his father’s death and spares the lives of his European captives. French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon preserved in marble the likenesses of leading figures of the Enlightenment


He was first published at the age of 12 and he was deaf when he wrote his last pieces. Of course all the music he provided us with. He raised his two younger brothers after his mother died when he was 17. He moved to Vienna to study with Haydn. His father beat him as a child. He had strange personal habits like wearing filthy clothes but washing himself.


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