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Why was Aleister Crowley allowed to become or stay a freemason?

Just wondering why someone so evil and calls himself the beast / antichrist was allowed to stay. I was told before that no one calling himself a Satanist or Luciferian would be allowed to be a free mason.


  1. Freemasonry has no connection to Christianity, its members only agree that a “higher power” exists. There are many masons who have no affiliation with religion at all.

  2. Freemasonry is satanic. Freemason Albert Pike said that freemasonry worships Lucifer (Satan).
    Get away from freemasonry at all costs.

  3. 1) he was a member of a clandestine lodge for less than one month; he was not a regular freemason
    2) he didn’t consider himself evil etc…
    3) ignore “david the liar” – he once called himself saint david – that says it all…

  4. Crowley was an exhibitionist who loved to shock. The easiest way to shock christians is to call yourself The Beast. He was the father of Thelema and a member of the Golden Dawn although his abrasive personality caused discord there as well. He wasn’t evil he just wasn’t christian. Freemasonry is not a christian organization. All one has to do is acknowledge the existence of a “higher power” therefor Crowley was not subject to expulsion on that account.

  5. Crowley was not a member of mainstream or recognized Freemasonry. He was a member of a group which had broken away from the Grand Lodge of England. Crowley was not aware that this group was illegitimate when he joined it and he later wrote to the Grand Lodge attempting to gain their recognition. The grand lodge refused to recognize his claims to be a Freemason, so Crowley declared that Freemasonry was not of any use to him and had nothing more to do with it. (no doubt crying “Sour Grapes”)
    (Edit) What Crowley got was the equivalent of a degree from an unaccredited university- he may have learned something about Freemasonry but his credentials were not accepted by mainstream authorities.

  6. 93,
    I am a Thelemite, so I may be qualified to answer this.
    First of all, the Masonry Crowley was most associated with was the OTO, which s clandestine Masonry, meaning it is not fully associated with regular Scottish Rite Masonry. For regular masonry, he was really only an honorary 33rd degree member, meaning nothing beyond “We know who he is.”
    Crowley NEVER called himself a Satanist. Read deeper into what the pages you are thinking of really say.
    93 93/93

  7. Crowley wasn’t a Freemason. He joined a clandestine Lodge, not a regular Lodge.
    I don’t believe Crowley considered himself evil.
    EVERY Freemason believes in a Supreme Being, that means that EVERY Freemason has an ‘affiliation’ with religion.

  8. He was NEVER a member of a regular freemason lodge, and was therefore NOT a freemason. He NEVER called himself anything. He was a sick individual who had sexual hangups


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