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Why there are so many books about the power of the subconscious mind, something that may not even exist?!?

Are those people just trying to make money, and how come they know that something as subconscious mind exists as it is supposed to be subconscious??! It’s like to know that the invisible man exists!!!
if it exists, how to prove that subconscious exists?! and that it is powerful!? Of course my brain works during sleep, I dream etc. is that subconscious?! Why is it powerful!?!


  1. subconcious does exist….dont read the self help type books….read the scientific research done on it…. its existence cannot be denied…

  2. Ha ha ha.. very smart..
    So do you consciously keep your heart beating?
    Do you consciously carry out your liver and kidney functions?
    How do you moderate your blood flow consciously????
    Didn’t think so…. It must all be unconsciously then..
    The Genome project has been mapping the Human DNA for at least the last ten years, so far they have mapped about 10 billion sells of the average strand, in total that only accounts for about 2.5 per cent of the whole strand, the rest? Is labelled as ‘junk DNA’ simply because ‘its’ function has not yet been determined.. I’d put money on that being either an ‘individual’ source of ‘unconscious’ information some people even believe in ‘universal’ unconsciousness..
    *just for the record your question kind of contradicts itself, by claiming that something is as rare as rocking horse poop, then asking questions about it? A bit like saying, I don’t believe in santa, where does santa live?

  3. Because the sub conscious DOES exist. Would you kill someone? Steal a car? No. Why? Because your subconscious would make you feel bad, it tells you that it’s wrong.
    The subconscious is so powerful because it’s separate from your conscious mind. It see’s and evaluates things you see all day, things you are told, things you read and all the while you have no control over it. It can tell you when to feel good and when to feel bad, it is an amazing thing that we don’t fully understand but to deny it’s existence is just ridiculous.
    A perfect example is when you’re watching a horror movie and scary music starts playing. You might not even realize that music is playing because you are so preoccupied by whats happening in the movie but your mind does and it makes you scared.


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