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Why still take part in religion?

I’m still wondering why much of society is enveloped in religious beliefs.
Thankfully, I’ve seen a regression in religion over the past years as it seems to be decreasing gradually until hopefully the point of opinion-based speculations or physical evidence.
Why do people believe in things which they can’t prove but the fabricated words of “I have faith; I feel him.” If I have faith in a giant spaghetti monster, will that also consider to be true?
If there was in fact a creator, life seems like a big joke. Living until you’re decided to go to heaven or hell based on your actions remaining on Earth. That seems weird. If I made people, I wouldn’t want to make them, then possibly break them in such a manner–I wouldn’t have a use for people anyway in that situation. Also, I have an atheist mind-set. If I was a creator, would I make all my toys working properly? Yes. However, there’s such a huge amount of atheists…he can fix it, no?
Please no bible quotes.
To Follows Jesus: If there was a creator, why would he make lives of lesser intellect to only spend time worshipping him…for what odd reason would someone do this? Especially for someone considered a greater being.


  1. Let me ask you this…is a belief that there is nothing beyond this life not still a faith? In my personal opinion, faith is an important part of human existence no matter what your faith is in.

  2. Religion is still a huge part of life. Some people actually understand that living on Earth is just a training area, and that anything that happens here, like losing an arm or seeing the death of a loved one, or depression, is just temporary, and that someday you will be perfect if you just believe in God and keep his commandments.

  3. I adhere to my religion to express my thankfulness to Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who died that I may live forever.

  4. because it makes life a little brighter for me to believe that after we trek through this cold and unforgiving life that we get rewarded with an eternal paradise were there is no pain or sickness or murder or fear. And i love how we were given free will to choose to live good or to live bad.

  5. Most people who do it do so because their parent(s) bring them into it at a young age. It is much easier to brainwash them then. For the ones who stay / join later… they quickly learn that it easier than thinking for themselves.

  6. people have religion because they cant accept the fact they just happened to be here at this time they have to think they are more important and they cant accept science

  7. Being a human being isn’t easy. The Buddha said this. It contains, suffering, sadness, fear, and death. This is not ALL that life is, but certainly life includes these things.
    Human beings throughout time have searched for meaning through religious/spiritual beliefs and practices. And authentic, compassion-based faith has made countless millions more peaceful, loving, forgiving people.
    Is religion imperfect? Certainly. For many people, faith has less to do about believing this or that about God, etc., and more about dedicating our lives to a higher Spirit, one that gives us peace while encouraging us to love others.
    I don’t write this to convert you (that would be a ridiculous goal, eh?). I’m simply trying to explain why there are, despite what many think, many intelligent, deep-thinking, open-minded Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others out there who are better people because of their religion. If it is not right for you, that is fine. But…can you understand why it is right for us? All the best.

  8. worship is respect and honor
    like with your father( i assume you had one)
    id say your mother but we know women (God knows) stay n the kitchen =]
    i have faith but what u call faith isnt faith
    faith is love through beliefive had things happen to me that prove God
    you \prolly havnt
    (women dont worry cuz you stay in the kitchen)
    and if all your toys worked properly thatd get boring
    cuz therd be no uniquness
    its like socialism… it makes us all the same and boring
    so yah God makes us unique
    and ill pray that you learn this =]
    respect bro =]
    Spaghetti taste good =]

  9. you are an atheist but first have some faith on my view. try to accept the principles based on the relegion rather than making a research on it.now listen …you are not the creator only bcos you aim only on making the toys better

  10. You say that as if religious beliefs are a negative thing, and they are not.
    Like science, they are (at least potentially) one of our greatest strengths.
    Your basing all of your perceptions on a “christian” framework, and that is only one of many frameworks to operate from.
    Many pre-christian cultures have a very different view of how “life” works, and our role in the scheme of things.
    Science and logic……
    Intuition and belief……
    Are meant to be a whole, not separate aspects.
    One without the other is equally blinded.

  11. The difference between toys and humanity is we can live forever but we make choices that prove otherwise. “Lesser intellect” and Fabricated ….I feel him” these comments are what people who believe are human beings that are stable and have experience life at its best but to make every believer to seem insane isn’t fair and stable when you and others alike can’t prove otherwise unethically and non-scientifically that God doesn’t exist. Sadly,Your questions and comments are so condescending. God help you!


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