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Why stick pieces of gold onto a Buddha statue?

I went to a Thai Buddhist temple the other day for the new year festival. One thing I found interesting was how people stuck pieces of gold from a piece of paper onto a Buddha statue as they made their wishes. Does anyone know the reason behind this tradition?

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10 years ago

I dont know the reason.As a Buddhist I know by worshiping Buddha people dont get anything We dont pray. Its just that it helps us to have inner peace by looking at a statue like that.Buddha didn’t accept that kind of things He said following his teachings and do meditation and stuff like that can respect him U dont need to worship buddha if you really follow what he said.

mark s
mark s
10 years ago

The practice of gilding the Buddha is a very auspicious act.
The Buddhas skin was described as gold, gilding the Buddha is the same as making a golden offering not just to the Buddha but also to the monks etc at the temple.

10 years ago

gold is a symbol of purity and eternity

They buy the gold from the temple so it’s a way of making money and the temple has the gold if they ever need it later.

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