Home Discussion Forum why some christians believe in Reincarnation?

why some christians believe in Reincarnation?

christians are most qualified to answer but answers with no quality will be deleted.


  1. I think atheists reincarnate as Muslim wives and spend a life time being screwed by fat, smelly bearded men 30 years older than them.

  2. They don’t. Anyone telling you they are a Christian that believes in reincarnation is either lying about one or the other or is seriously misinformed.

  3. No real Christian could actually believe in reincarnation.
    I am talking Believers.
    Now there maybe some who do not know anything about the church then they might believe, but it is purely out of ignorance.

  4. liberal asskicker… so you Do believe in reincarnation…
    a lot of the same people also believe in karma… what odd little heretics they are…

  5. Christianity comprises of 2 million followers from all corners of the earth and are usually newly converted so old traditions, and sometimes new, have an ability to become conjoined with Christianity….if they are correct or not is a different matter….

  6. i’ve never heard of a christian believing in reincarnation. i dont think a real christian can, that goes directly against the bible

  7. how is reincarnation against the bible?
    the bible speaks constantly about everlasting life? what would life be if we lived the same life for ever ? boring.. so we live forever, living several diferent lives.
    it says in the bible that when we go to heaven we will not even know colors or sexes or rights or wrongs.. because in heaven we are like bees again, erasing and re writing our lives that god gives us, making up for our mistakes in hell, and being blessed for our goods in heaven.. all put together to make a sandwich and start life back up again..
    im a christian.. and i am not against the belief of reincarnation. i think its very much possible.

  8. ANY CHRISTIAN WHO BELIEVES IN THIS NON-SENSE IS MISTAKEN FIRST OF ALL THAT HE OR SHE IS A CHRISTIAN. The only record God left for us to know Him and His “ways” is the Bible which is the AUTHORITY of His word which says that man is appointed unto death but once. Reincarnation is just another way Satan has used the devise of religion to detour some poor unfortunate form the truth Just as evolution is an attempt to make God look like an ape this is also his way to usurp the truth of God.

  9. Actually, I am one of the Christians that believe in Reincarnation, I’m a retro liberal Christian. Reincarnation was part of the original Christian belief until the church removed it. As a retro Christian I seek the original belief that Jesus wanted to teach us rather than the version the church created to control people.
    You guys can believe what you want, but todays church’s, especially the catholic church, is based on the same church structures that Jesus fought against. They have through the centuries added and removed to Christianity according to what have been convenient for them. You that follow them are following those who had him crucified. It’s sick. I suggest start reading the dead-sea scrolls if you want to start learn the truth. “Those who search will find”.
    If you want to believe in a modified and corrupted version of the truth, and like a sheep blindly follow what others tell you instead of learning about it yourself then that is your problem, but at least don’t frigging get all self-justified and claim you’re the only type of Christian, or worse, think your type is the only one to reach heaven. In fact if you read the bible as a WHOLE book you will come to understand that everyone who is fair will come to heaven, regardless of belief. However, only through belief in Jesus will you be able to break free and avoid having to be judged at the last day, but those who do will be judged fairly, not necessarily doomed. Amen.


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