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Why so dark when i practice astral projection?

Every time i practice astral projection (and every time it is awesome) i look at the sky and the weather is a mirror image of reality but the sky is dark but lit up like a full moon. I was wondering if i am the only one that this happens to? (i posted this in the wrong spot just a minute ago…big mistake…with all the christian ppl)


  1. Not sure why it would be dark, but I wouldn’t worry about it. As for posting in the wrong forum and getting flack from christian people, try to remember that they are taught what they are taught from an early age and they’re told not to question anything. They’re told that if someone challenges their beliefs, it’s the devil trying to lead them astray. They’re told that they shouldn’t even experiment on their own and see which belief system they prefer, because they’re not strong enough to make that kind of judgement and they will be led astray.
    Christianity is basically a good religion, but through the centuries those in power have perverted it and used it as a means to control the masses, and while most Christians are good people, they just don’t have the tools to see outside their box.
    So I guess I say all of that to say, have compassion on them and be kind to them. They’re stuck here in this life, same as everyone else, just trying to get through it the best they can. They’re simply a product of what they’ve been told all their lives. The best way to dispell fear is with kindness, so when they get mean and critical with you the best thing to do is to respond with love and kindness.
    Take care.

  2. I’m a Christian, and I believe all of the above is acceptable. Most magic is not “witchcraft” and does not contain anything anti-Christian. Most magic is manipulation of the Earth’s and our own energy, and God has no problem with that. If he did, he wouldn’t put it there. You see, figures such as Pan exist, we’re simply not supposed to WORSHIP them, in my belief system. I’m not the boss of you, and you are free to worship as you please. Any Christians protesting you are ignorant and stuck-up. I’ve never seen a Christian on this website making fun of those with alternative faiths; I’ve seen only atheists making fun.
    Best of wishes to you.

  3. What we usually refer to as reality is actually just one setting on a frequency dial. By projecting, you temporarily nudge that dial and receive sensory impressions from a slightly different source – from your description of an earthy environment, your source this time would have been the etheric plane, also known as the Real Time Zone (Robert Bruce terminology) or Locale 1 (Monroe-speak). Part of this interpenetrates the physical world and is intimately connected with it, but isn’t fully identical, either in terms of contents or in terms of causal laws. Light levels are an especially good example of this – in the RTZ and beyond, light becomes largely symbolic, generally indicative of moment to moment mental alertness levels, comprehension levels, familiarity levels – in a single phrase, degrees of en~light~enment.

  4. hold the phone are you saying you can astral project
    if your claim is legit send me an email id like to ask you some questions


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